About Us

Connection.pk is like a community for everyone around the world not restricted for anyone. Here we present ourselves in front of people like a place filled with information, knowledge and many useful tips. We pay our writers without any hurdles.

You write to help people gain knowledge like any of the tip for daily life or it is a history article or it might be any news about new technology and we directly share the revenues with the respective persons. Our goal is to attract and have users from all over the world to help them gain more and more knowledge.

Who are we?

Connection.pk is a website for everyone to gain information and news about technology. We are here not just as a website but provide you with all important and relative tips and ideas latest technology, Mobile phone, android app and new about Pakistan.

Little About Connection.pk

Our website founded in 2018 and since then we have been helping out people solve their problems related to mobile phone, ana d simple and healthy life style. The connection.pk is basically a project of Reverie which is an IT related company for website designing and development.

They give your site a new and unique look keeping in consideration the demands and requirements of a customer. It has been running successfully since March 2018 and the office is located in Islamabad. Reverie has been equipped with highly professional teams who are experts in designing websites using the most advanced tools which makes one’s work easy and interesting to look at.