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Looking for the world’s leading professional and reliable SIM database for all networks? We offer a free service called SIM database online that helps you to track the fresh ownership of SIM data 2022 including all network details.

Hence, if you need Pakistani cell phone number information then you land on the right post because here we will provide you 100% working PakData CF that helps you to locate any person.

The simple solution to find the Pakistan sim database online is to use a live tracker because it helps you to find exact details of the person including name, CNIC, and location.

Moreover, there are a few more powerful methods that can be used to locate the SIM ownership along with the mobile location. In this post, we will explain each one so you can use it to find the SIM DB in real-time.

SIM Database Online 2022 Latest Records

The SIM database is designed to store the records of the users and their access details. These databases are normally used by mobile network operators. They are used to manage and process the information related to the SIMs of the users.

The records stored in these databases include the personal information about the network user. You can access the information from the database files on the computer.

The SIM database is a CF file system that includes the data of SIM users according to years. The new pakdata cf 2022 includes the latest record of the network users who registered in 2022. Similarly, if you need the data from old users then you can find it in the 20019 database file.

Live Tracker SIM Database 2020

Finding the record from the database file is hard because you need to search manually. So here the solution comes in form of a Live tracker. The trackers make the job easy for everyone because you simply need to put the mobile number of the user who you are looking for the SIM record and with one click you can get complete information about the user.

Pakdata CF 2020 Live Tracker Pakistan SIM Database Online

The Pakdata CF is the main database file that works with the live tracker and when the user enters the user’s mobile number in the tracker, it will find the SIM details of the particular user from the CF file. It is a heavy file that holds a large number of user information.

If you are using the Pakdata CF 2020 for your tracker application, you will need a computer with sufficient memory. In addition, you will need to download the Pakdata CF 2020 files. Then, you can install the Pakdata CF 2020 files on your PC.

SIM Database Tracker

Instead of searching for the number details from the CF file, you can use the SIM database tracker because it comes with a simple interface and is easy to use. The user simply needs to put the CNIC number in the search box to find the network user’s SIM information. 

The tracking tool gives you all personal information such as the name, address, and location of the user. You can use this information to get in touch with the user who called you.

Beware! Don’t scam anyone or misuse the information that you find using our tracker. It’s against the terms of the site owner. 

SIM Database Online Pakistan

By using the tracing tool you can find the SIM data for Pakistani people. It has a large database of all mobile networks. You will get the free details of mobile location, live location, and SIM database 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Additionally, it is keep updating and new data for 2023 added very soon.

The Pakistani database is based on different CF files. It included pakdata cf , , pakdata ga and So you can find a record from any CF data easily.

SIM Database APK Download

Mobile Number Tracker app is the best app for tracking the location history of a phone. You can find out the exact location of the mobile phone and its user.

The application has been built with care and attention to detail and it is compatible with all versions of android devices. SIM Database App is available for free download and you can install it on your android device right away.

SIM Database Online Apk

One of the Fantastic application that provide you Pakistani number details is Pak Online SIM database. You can install its APK to find the live location of any number. The app also provide you home address of person and pin point location.


  1. Search with CNIC number or Mobile Number.
  2. SIM Database Ownership.
  3. Smooth User Interface.
  4. Simple & Easy to use.
App NameMobile Number Tracker
PublisherPak Studios
Size8.9 MB
Latest Versionv5.0
Get it OnDownload

Pak SIM Database APK

You can also use the Pak SIM database apk to find the network users’ information. It is a new app that allows you to check SIM verification and as well as find the new number details. By using the Pak SIM data you can find different server options which check SIM owner details for you.


  • Pak Sim Data 2022
  • Sim Owner Details 2022
  • Live Tracker Sim Database
  • Mobile Number Finder
App NamePak Sim Data 2022
PublisherAppishe Apps
Size4.6 MB
Latest Versionv1.0
UpdateJul 31, 2022
Get it OnDownload

Shaheen Toolkit SIM Database Online

The shaheen toolkit provides E-services and a number tracker. You can trace the online SIM database by using this application. This toolkit allows you to access Pakistani person data for free. It is safe to use an app that provides number data fast.

The best thing about this app, it is an accurate number data finder of a mobile phone number. You can use the app to get the location, status, and providence details of the user.

Pakdata SIM Database 2020 Online

There are many new features added to Pak Data SIM 2020 that allow you to get the details of the number against CNIC online. Additionally, you can find the number by CNIC, person name, and photo as well.

SIM Database Finder

Pakistan Data Finder is another useful tool to get SIM owner details. It is a free SIM database tracker which gives you the feature of getting unknow number details. Due to the new features of this app, we can get information about a person who has used a SIM card in our country. 

To know the SIM holder details, users need to register themselves with the Pakistan data Finder app. So just register yourself in the app then and only start to search for your number.

Fresh SIM Database 2020

Most of the tools are outdated and do not provide fresh data. But by using our most authentic tracking tool you can latest SIM data. It is one of the best apps which helps you to search the fresh numbers with the latest database and information of this SIM database 2020.

Database SIM Information

If you want to know the number of registered SIM on a single ID then you can use the SIM information system provided by PTA. You can use their 668 information verification system which is totally free. All you need to enter the user CNIC number to know the total active SIM on each network.

  1. Visit the SIM Information System 668 PTA.
  2. Now click on verification system url
  3. Enter CNIC number of person with dashes.
  4. Check the “I’m not a robot” check box to verify your self and click on submit button.
  5. Finally you will see the complete table with network name, active number of SIM and total SIM details.

All Network SIM Database

The all-network SIM database is also possible to find with the help of the Pakistan E Services application. The app provides you with free data via a tracking website. You can easily find the person’s mobile number and accurate details. The e-service also gives you information on name, CNIC number, and address.


The SIM database online provides you with new and improved features. You can search the information for all types of sims. It is also very easy to use because it has a user-friendly interface.

With this app, you can easily search for your number and get all PakData CF details about your SIM holder. The app contains a database of every type of sim that is used in our country. You can view the name and address of every holder.


How to check the sim database

There are many ways to check the SIM database. You can use a tracking application, SIM information, or our online database tool. The tool method is preferable because it provides you with more accurate data with complete details.

How to check sim database online in Pakistan

It’s very easy to check SIM Database online in Pakistan by using the tracking app. You can install its apk then enter the CNIC number of the person to get the details.

How to delete your sim call history from the database

Simply open the phone app then visit the call history tab. Next, click on the More option and select all the call history options that you want to delete. Now click on the Delete option and click confirm to remove all entries. Finally, press the ok button from the dialog box that will show on your screen.

How to find out Ufone sim number database

You can dial 7803# from your handset. It will prompt a message on your screen with the SIM number. If you have any issues then you can also Dial *1# from your mobile phone to get the notification on your phone screen with number details.

How to open offline sim database in pc

The easy way to open an offline SIM database on a PC is by using MS Access. Simply install Microsoft office on your PC then open the database file to see all the user entries.

How do we track the sim database

You can use the Pak E-service person tracker application on your phone to track the SIM DB. It helps you to find the data through different tracking websites. 

May 2018 Free SIM Database Pakistan

We also added the old May 2018 free SIM data to our system. You can use this tool to find the Pakistan old database as well. 

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