How to Block Telenor Number & Promotional SMS

You want to know, How to Block a Telenor Number & Promotional SMS? With Telenor call block service, You can easily get rid of all unwanted calls and SMS.

Telenor enables users to enhance their mobile experience by providing services that need customers. The company knows the user’s needs, and that’s the reason they always come up with digital service which helps people to make their life easy.

Telenor is a favorite network of most Pakistani people. Because of its coverage in urban and rural areas with 70% of cell sites are 4G enabled.

It is the first official 4.5G (LTC Advanced) network in Pakistan.

What is a Call Block Service?

It is a great digital service from an organization that allows blocking certain numbers. The service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

This blocking service is much needed nowadays in Pakistan because of a lot of promotional SMS and calls from the wrong number.

If you are getting too many unwanted SMS or calls, Get activated this service to stop them.

How Does Telenor Call Block Service Work?

The call block service work in a way so that the particular user not able to contact you or send you an SMS. Once you block any caller from calling, he/she cannot reach you.

Instead of a prompt is played to the caller every time they try to call you. You can change the default prompt to a ringing tone like a busy tone or call not picked up.

Many people annoying others by giving them miscalls or send them SMS. Here we need to block them so they cannot disturb you.

By using this blocking service, it will make your life easy.

How to Activate Call & Promotional SMS Block Service

The good thing is they allow both the prepaid and postpaid customers to subscribe to the service.

  • SMS ‘sub‘ to 420 from your mobile phone to register yourself.
  • After registration, You need to wait a few hours for a confirmation message.
  • After a few hours, you will receive a confirmation SMS about successful registration.
  • Now you are ready to block unwanted numbers.

The service activation charges are Rs. 23.90/Month they will cut off when you subscribe to service. So make sure you have enough balance while activating the service.

How to Block a Call or SMS on Telenor Number

Telenor block number service makes your life easy. You can block Telenor promotional SMS, calls, or any-other network numbers and stop them to reach you.

Let’s look at the step-by-step guide to know how you can activate the service and block any user.

Step 1. Get Register your number.

The first step is to register your Telenor number with the blocking service. You can easily do that by going to the write message option and write “sub” then send to 420.

Step 2. Wait Few Hours.

Next, You need to wait a few hours, sometimes it takes 2 to 3 hours but sometimes a little more. You will get a confirmation message about service activation on your SIM.

Step 2. Block Any Network Number.

Now it’s time to block any number whether it is Telenor, Ufone, Zong, Jazz, or any other network. Go to the write message option and write the number you want to block and send to 420. (SMS 03XX-XXXXYYY to 420.)

How to Unsubscribe Call & SMS Blocker Service?

If you don’t want to continue with this service, You can unsubscribe without any additional charges. To subscribe, send USUB to 420.

Telenor Call & SMS Blocker Options

The service provides you great and useful options to handle your blocking list easily. You can add a number to the blacklist or remove it.

Similarly, You can add a number to the white list. You can also view all the numbers are in the blacklist.

let’s have a look at the chart to know how to manage this all.

Activation TextShort CodeDefinitionCharges
B<Space><Number>420To add a number to BlacklistRs 2.00
UB<Space><Number>420To remove a number from BlacklistRs 2.00
W<Space><Number>420To add a number to the whitelistRs 2.00
WB<Space><Number>420To remove a number from WhitelistRs 2.00
BL420To view BlacklistNo Charges
USUB420To Unsubscribe from the serviceNo Charges
SWITCH420Switch to black active or white active mode