How to Check Remaining MBS in Telenor 4G Device

Are you using Telenor broadband USB Wingle or WiFi device? But don’t know how to check the remaining MBS in Telenor 4G device?

Don’t worry, I will guide you and explain different methods so you can easily know how much data left in your internet SIM or 4G device.

It is always important to keep eye on your data volume because sometimes data volume consumes and the internet still works but it taking out the balance from your device.

To manage data for the complete month, you need to keep track of the data volume. If you don’t know how much volume left and you keep streaming videos or rich content then the data will consume early than the expired data.

How to Check Remaining MBS in Telenor 4G Device

Just to mention here that the method is the same for both 3G, 4G, and Bolt devices so you don’t need to be confused. You can apply the same method to your Telenor 4G USB or Bolt device.

You don’t like to read the article? Let’s check out the video to easily understand about checking the remaining data.

There are different ways to check how many MBs left in your device. I am going to tell you all the methods so you can apply anyone which easy for you.

How to Check Telenor MBs Using Master Number

The first method is using the master number. A master number is a number which synchronizes with your data SIM. This number can be your personal number whether it’s Telenor or can be another network.

When you buy a new device and during the activation, The service center agent asks you to give him a number which you want to make it master.

This number helps you to check the data volume, active any package directly, and all the notifications send to this number.

Here are a few simple steps you need to follow from your master number to check the remaining data.

  • First, you need to *931# from your master number.
  • Select option 5 (Usage of MBB #) and press Send.
  • You will receive a message on your Master Number having details of your available resources on your MBB Number.

That’s It!

How to Check Remaining MBs in Telenor 4G Device Using IP Address

There is another way to check data usages for Telenor 4G internet SIM is a device portal. To get access to the portal, you need to open the browser and type IP address:

Make sure your laptop or computer connected to Wi-Fi. If you are didn’t ever connected the device with your computer or laptop before, Make sure to directly connect it and install the required device drivers.

In most cases, As you connect the device with a laptop or computer, it will automatically open the browser with the software Just like a screenshot.

Now You need to log in to the software by entering the username and password. The default username/password for every device is an admin. So you simply need to put admin for username and password.

After login, you need to click on Internet Volume Check and it will take a few seconds and then send you an SMS on the device portal and as well as on your master number.

When an SMS send, You will notice a red color envelop icon pop up on the top right of the device interface. You simply need to click on that envelope or you can also click on the SMS tab to see the message about the remaining data volume.

After clicking the envelope icon or SMS tab, Here you will see the SMS about the data volume remaining.

That’s it! If you still have any issues, please post a comment below and We will try out our best to help you. You can also call on Telenor helpline 345 to know more about it.