How to Activate Conference Call Ufone

The Ufone’s conference call service was initially introduced for its postpaid customers. But with its ever-growing popularity, the service was later on introduced for its prepaid customers, too. Great news, right?

What is a conference call?

A conference call is like a regular telephone call with the exception that the calling party can speak to several other people present on a call at the same time.

A conference call usually takes place with a telephone, although it can also be facilitated with the help of different internet calling apps such as Skype, hangout, and free conference calling services/apps.

Advantages of a conference call

In the modern era, the conference call is probably the best communication tool. It’s used widely all around the world for conducting different kinds of businesses and personal needs.

They provide the best alternative to face to face meetings, for they offer the opportunity to bring the experience to life.

They are not just being used by individuals but also by big organizations with businesses in different cities and overseas.

It has numerous advantages due to which it’s becoming more and more popular with each passing day.

1. It saves money and time

Let’s face it, schedule face-to-face meetings are a bit hectic and not to mention can add additional cost to your already limited budget.

Think about all the expenses that are related to physical meetings. It’s normal for every business to spend a hefty amount on travel and venue that’s been held for a single meeting.

So, there are travel expenses (calculate the train or flight ticket), venue expenses, and food expenses.

And honestly speaking these expenses can be really damaging to the growth of new startups. That’s when conference calls such as Ufone’s conference calls come in handy.

2. It increases efficiency

The best feature of conference calls is, they are an easy, quickest and way to accommodate as many people as you want for a discussion.

3. This makes your organization more efficient.

It will cut down on the traveling time and that amount of time can be spent on something more creative.

It won’t require much effort to organize an event.

You will straight away discuss the main issue (that needs immediate attention) without wasting your time on pleasantries.

You will soon resolve the issues quickly or take the most important decision that’s important for your organization.

With conference calls, you don’t need to wait for days for each of the members of your team to be free.

They can be scheduled on an urgent basis even during the midnight.

4. Hiring a new talent was never so easy

With conference calls hiring new talent from anywhere around the globe was never so easy.

5. Open doors for employment

It can actually open up doors of employment for talented individuals from anywhere in the world if the distance is the only constraint to their progress.

6. Jobs are less location-dependent

By utilizing conference calls, jobs, in general, are becoming more available and accessible, and less location-dependent, thanks to conference calls and similar technologies including Ufone conference calls.

How does subscribe to Ufone conference call?

The Ufone conference call activation is quite simple all you have to is send an SMS “SUB” to shortcode 6789 for both the prepaid and postpaid packages for the activation request of conference call services of Ufone from your respective Ufone numbers.

The message goes something like Thank you, we have received your request for the activation of the multi-party conference facility. You will shortly get a confirmation SMS within the next 24 hours.

Upon reviewing your request, and if you qualify for the conference service (provided you have enough credit to activate this service). You will receive the following message.

“Dear Customer, Multi-Party Conference Call facility has been activated for you. Enjoy talking up to 5 numbers of any networks at the same time!”

What is the price for the conference call?

The charges are as low as Rs. 3.00/- + Tax for the activation of the one-time conference call for both Postpaid and Prepaid Subscribers.

How to Make Conference Call on Ufone?

First, you have to make a regular call and put it on hold.

Now make your second call and go into options and from there select “join the call” OR “Add Call”. After that, you need to click on “Merge Calls” to start a conference call.

Similarly, you can do the same with other calls up to 5 numbers and enjoy the best conference call facility when you subscribe for it on Ufone.

Your friends, colleagues, loved ones; acquaintances are now just a call away. The world is at your fingertips, literally.

However, you need to make sure the handset you are using allows the conference call facility.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Ufone conference call facility is exclusively available to all Ufone subscribers on its voice packages. Unfortunately, post-pay unites and prepaid life value users can’t avail of the conference call facility.
  • This service can be accessed from all the mobile phones provided they support the facility.
  • The activation charges are exclusive of taxes.
  • The best thing is all new Ufone prepaid sim cards now come with a “Multiparty Conference call facility” activated by default.
  • Standard voice call charges are applicable on each conference call made (international, off-net, or On-net) in accordance with your package and as per your subscribed Ufone package.
  • The early activation request option can be availed by making a call to Ufone helplines 333 during the 24 hours (that’s a standard activation time period).

The multiple conference call service is already activated by all the Lahore based prepaid and postpaid subscribers on a free of cost basis to predict the user behavior.

Make your life easy with Ufone Multi-Party conference call service

With Ufone multiparty conference call facility, there’s a party every day, every time, and just anywhere. Get connected with your loved ones; make their special day even more special by using the Ufone conference call facility

In order to avail of this service, you must subscribe! And guess what now you don’t even need the fastest internet connection to get connected with people all around the world; everything is possible just with a tap of your finger, thanks to Ufone’s great signals and its multiparty voice call service.