How to Block Number on Jazz

Jazz/Mobilink brings you Call & SMS Block Service which allows you to block any number. The service offers you direct code *420# which you simply need to dial.

Sometimes, unwanted calls make your life harder and you end up with stuck. But Jazz knows the true value of its customers and always brings something which helps their customers.

On of their blocking service really help you to block any network number or SMS. The service is quite awesome and comes with handy features.

Furthermore, this call blocking service also works on Warid but make sure that you are prepaid customers. You can’t activate this service on postpaid SIIM.

If you are one who really tried calling and SMS from unknown number then you can activate this service to avoid them. Let’s get rid of such callers from your life.

How to Block Number on Jazz/Mobilink & Warid

The unwanted calls and message always distribute you. Similar, nowadays too many promotional SMS is a big problem in Pakistan. You surely want to get rid of them and don’t want to receive such SMS every day.

Jazz Number Block ( karne ka tarika ) is very straightforward. By using the Jazz blocking services, you can easily stop receiving the incoming calls and SMS from unknown resources. The service is very simple and easy to activate.

All you need to Dial *420# from your Jazz mobile and get rid of unwanted callers!

These service charges are Rs. 0.99/- including tax per day. Also, you are limited to add a maximum of 50 numbers in the Blacklist and 50 in the whitelist. Any number added in both the lists will be counted twice.

Block CodeDial *420#
ChargesRs 0.99 per day
Un-subscriptionDial *420# and Select Option 4


The Jazz blocking service some with a great list of features. It has 7 unique features which you can use to customize the list of block numbers.

In addition, you can easily check the history of backlist, add or move any number and update the list. You can also view the list of number that you have already blocked.

  • You can add the number to Blacklist
  • Check number in Blacklist
  • Remove Calling & SMS Number
  • Unsubscribe with the Service
  • Change Blacklist Tone
  • Call Blacklist History
  • View Blacklist


How to subscribe “Call & SMS Block” service via USSD code?

You can subscribe the Call & SMS Block” service via USSD, simply dial *420#.

How can I unsubscribe “Call & SMS Block” service via USSD Code?

You can unsubscribe the service at any time. All you need to dial *420# and select option 4.

Can I Unsubscribe & then re-subscribe?

If you unsubscribe the services, all of the numbers in the block list will immediately be removed. After that, you will start receiving the unknown calls and SMS from the numbers.

If you re-subscribe the service again then you need to add all the numbers again in the block list.

What happens if I don’t have sufficient balance at the time of subscription renewal?

This service is auto-renew on a daily basis. If you run out of balance the service will continue for the next 60 days. You will not get any SMS or call from block list. You should need to load the balance before the expiry of 60 days.

How to add a number in the blacklist via USSD?

Whenever you need to add the number in the block list, you need to *420# and select option 1.

How many total numbers can be added in the blacklist?

The maximum 50 numbers can be added in a black list

If the same MSISDN is added in both lists then will it be counted twice?

Yes, if you added the MSISDN in both lists then it will be counted twice.

How can I delete a number via USSD?

When you need to delete a number, you need to dial USSD *420# and select option 3.

Is it necessary to activate the blacklist for screening incoming calls that are in the blacklist?

Yes, it is necessary, else the blacklist will not block those calls. If you are subscribing via USSD menu, the blacklist is automatically activated.