How to Change PTCL WiFi Password an Easy Way

Nowadays, the internet has become mandatory for everyone. People use it to be in contact with family members, friends, etc., around the world. It provides a great facility for all the users to gather information related to everything such as food, health, sports, and many more. In Pakistan, everyone usually uses PTCL WIFI in homes and offices.

Most people don’t know how to change PTCL WiFi password, so if you are also one of them, then we have gathered some information in a guide for you.

How to Change PTCL WiFi Password An Easy Way?

In this unique time of the internet or the world of technology, it’s necessary to maintain privacy to avoid awful consequences in the future just because of carelessness.

You need to follow the following steps for changing the PTCL WIFI password. Below down they are explained in detail.

  1. First of all, open a web browser    
  2. Write your IP address in the search option
  3. A box for username and password has appeared
  4. Afterwards, a new window will open; here, you need to select the wireless option from the left corner
  5. Choose “wireless” then “security,” then change the password and save it

Open Web Browser

Firstly, to change your PTCL WIFI password, you need to open the web browser you usually use, such as chrome, internet explorer, etc.

Write Your IP Address in the Search Option

After opening the web browser, you need to select the search bar, start writing your IP address, and tap enter. There are 2 IP addresses first for all the users,, and another one is only for modem users.

Enter Modem Password and Username

After tapping enter, a dialogue box appears with a message: “the server is asking for your username and password. The server reports that it is from the DSL router”. You have to write your modem’s details like password and username.

Usually, the password and username are admin, but if it is not admin, you can check that on the modem box and the PTCL modem.

Enter PTCL “Admin”

When you enter the details, an admin panel appears. Now from this panel, all the PTCL settings are visible, and at the left corner of the admin panel, a whole list of wireless can be seen.

Tap on Security

The option of security is available on the list option; from there, you can select security. Now a form will appear at the right side of the admin panel at the end of this form; an option can be seen for WPA/WAPI passphrase bar.

Set a Password

When you are onto WPA/ WAPI paraphrase option, tap on it to change the password. Enter a new password and click on the apply button for setting a new password for PTCL WIFI, and it will automatically be updated spontaneously.

By following all the steps written above, you can easily reset or change the PTCL WIFI password.

IS PTCL WiFi the Best in Pakistan?

PTCL offers its best services to all users on a large scale. They offer these packages from 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps, 100mbps, and 250mbps. Moreover, it is the most approachable and economical WiFi throughout the country.

You can also engage internationally totally free of cost, PTCL smart tv apps, and some of the different packages. PTCL EVO wireless devices are no longer produced these days PTCL Charji mobile broadband devices offer mobile data hotspots.

So, it is a great service provider; although sometimes it has some issues regarding connectivity such as low signals still it is considered a good quality of service provider as compared to cable net.

Features of PTCL WiFi

Following are the features of the most reachable internet of Pakistan, “PTCL WiFi”:

  • It is Up to 100 Mbps Speed
  • It offers unlimited Bandwidth
  • GPON fiber optic connectivity
  • VDSL      
  • DSL

Advantages of PTCL WiFi

PTCL WiFi provides plenty of data at the highest level of performance.

1: PTCL broadband is offering its services to approximately 2000 cities throughout the country

2: High-speed broadband data is economical for all types of people

3: It gives an ideal experience while installing movies, multiple files, etc.

4: It provides an approach to music, popular cricket tournaments, and many more

5: It also offers free PTCL Smart tv apps, as mentioned above

6: It also provides unlimited on-net calls


GPON is only available in some of the areas for further details contact on their helpline and following are the installation charges:

1: GPON connection installation charges are approximately 15000rs

2: Transfer charges of copper are approx. 7500rs


Following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding PTCL:

What if you are facing trouble while downloading EVO?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that your computer has completed starting up before you plug your modem into a USB port.

If the modem is not running properly, then try to plug it inside the other USB port

If this technique doesn’t work properly, then go to “my computer” and then right-click the device and tap explore, and at the end, double click “autorun.exe.”

What to do if someone wants to block the EVO connection for some time?

This issue can be resolved just by sending a request at any nearby OSS/CSC.

What happens when a device is lost?

In this case, you need to contact the nearby OSS/CSC straightway to get the device blocked permanently to stop the wrong usage. In these situations, PTCL is not responsible for any refund.

Final Words

PTCL is one of the most reachable internets ever, providing multiple packages to their customers with great quality of service. If you guys are facing any trouble either while changing the WIFI password or in anything related to PTCL, you can contact their helpline number.