How to Check Jazz Active Package

There are many packages offered by Jazz that include calling, internet, and SMS bundle. Many users switch their packages from time to time according to their needs. But the problem when users tried different packages they forget which package is currently activated on their SIM.

Hence, Jazz customers looking for a solution how to check Jazz active package so they can deactivate the unused package to save money.

The quickest way to check which package is activated on Jazz is to call on the helpline and ask them to give you details on active packages on your SIM.

There few more methods that don’t require an operator call and you can remove the package or services from your SIM. In this article, we will explain each method in detail.

How to Check Jazz Active Package

Most of the users have problems that their Jazz balance cutting and they don’t know why? Well, this is because sometimes you have an auto-subscribe package activated on your Jazz SIM and you may don’t know. 

Such a package take your balance away. So you should need to check Jazz active packages and deactivate any package that you are not using.

How to Check Which Package is Activated on Jazz.

If you have a lot of different internets and calling bundles active on your SIM then you are wasting your money. Instead of that, you can subscribe to one good bundle that gives you resources for calling and the internet.

It is important to know which package is activated on your Jazz network so you can keep or deactivate the bundle that you don’t need anymore. There are mainly two methods that we will use to check which package is activated on Jazz.


The simplest way to know your current active packages on your SIM is by sending the Empty message on 3838. When you send the message to this number, you will get a reply with the package’s name that is activated on your SIM.

By World App

If you have the Jazz world app installed then it’s very easy to check the number of packages on your SIM. Simply open your Jazz app and click on the “View more” link from the home screen. Here you will see the list of subscribed packages. 

You simply click on the Unsubscribe button next to any package to remove the package from your SIM. There is no cost for removing a bundle from the app so you can remove any bundle from SIM.

Operator Call

In case you still want to check and remove the packages that you don’t want to use then you can make a call to the helpline. The customer support center will help you in removing the packages. Just dial 111 from your Jazz SIM and after choosing the language option, simply dial 0 to talk with a customer care representative. 

How to Check Jazz Active Services

Just like the packages, there are many services offered by Jazz and these services are not free. You need to pay charges on daily, weekly, or monthly bases. But if you don’t want to use any of the Jazz series then you can deactivate it. To know which services are active on your Jazz, you simply need to call the helpline or use the Jazz app.


In this article, we explain to you three different methods that you can use to check which package or services are activated on your Jazz SIM. 


How can I check my Jazz package status?

You can use Jazz My Status services to check any Jazz package status. To get the service you need to send Sub to 6085 or dial *969#

How can I check my Jazz package expiry date?

You simply need to dial the respective validity string such as 3031# for daily validity, 3037# for weekly validity, and 30330# for monthly validity to check the expiry date of the jazz package.