How to Check Zong Remaining MBs, Minutes & SMS

Zong offering a lot of mobile data, calling, and SMS packages. All of their bundle provide high-speed connectivity without worrying about the balance. However, if you want to check Zong Remaining MBs, Minutes & SMS then you are on the right post. Here you will find different methods to check the remaining data.

Whenever you subscribe to any Zong bundle whether it’s a 4G device or a normal internet bundle, you should want to keep track of your data. It is important to check how much data is left to avoid over-charging. Here you will find complete details of free MBs check code 2020.

How to Check Zong Remaining MBs for Mobile Packages

If you subscribe to any Zong internet bundle the zong mb check code is the same for all Zong internet bundles. All you have to Dial *102# code and get a summary of the remaining resources. If you want to know specific details then have a look at the list of provided codes from Zong.

Get All Details*102*1#
Know Remaining Minutes*102*2#
For Remaining SMS*102*3#
Free Remaining MBs*102*4#

How to Free Check Remaining MBs for Zong Device Using Master Number

The customers who are using the Zong 4G device can also check the remaining resources using the Zong MBB master number. To perform this inquiry, you should have a minimum balance of Rs. 0.10 in your account. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to check how much data volume is left in the 4G device.

  • First, you need to Dial *6767# from your master number.
  • Select option 5 (Usage of MBB #) and press Send.
  • You will receive a message on your Master Number having details of your available resources on your MBB Number.

How to Check Remaining Data by Device Portal

There is another way to check data usages for your Zong 4G Device using the Zong broadband device portal. This method is simple and free of cost. All you need to access your device portal by connecting it with a laptop or computer.

  • Connect your Zong Bolt or Wingle device to your laptop. Next, Open the browser and put into the address bar, and press Enter. It will open the Zong device login screen.
  • Enter the default username and password “admin” and hit the login button.


  • After successfully login, Simply click on “Usage” to get the remaining data MBs details. Similar by clicking on “Check Balance” to know the current SIM balance and expiry detail.

Zong Device Check Balance and Usage

  • Clicking on any service such as Usage or balance check will send you a confirmation message about the details of services.
  • After that, Just click on the SMS tab on the top bar and find the complete details about the service.

How to Check Remaining MBs in Zong Internet SIM

As you know, Zong also offering an internet SIM for users who don’t want to buy a 4G device. Zong has some outstanding bundles for such customers but they may don’t know how much data is left in their internet SIM.

If that is the case with you, don’t worry at all. Simply Dail the same code *102# and get the details.

Let’s take a look at all of these codes:

  • To Check the Remaining SMS Dial *102*2#
  • To Check Free Minutes Dial *102*3#
  • And To Check Internet Data Volume Dial *102*4#

That’s It! Still have any issue, You can take the call on helpline 310 or if you are an MBB customer then you can call on helpline 9951.


How much does cost to check the current balance and free resources.

A. Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry for current balance check and Rs. 0.12+Tax per inquiry to check remaining free resources

Are there any charges to activate/deactivate any service?

Yes, standard charges of the product will be charged.

How to check remaining MBs in Zong Weekly or Monthly package.

The method is similar for all Zong mobile bundles. You need to Dial *102#.