How to Make Conference Call From Landline

Make your life easy through a conference call from a landline. What is your opinion is the fastest way to connect with people? Yes, you guessed it right; it’s a new conference calling feature on Ptcl that can literally make our lives easier.

You can be anywhere in the world and can still stay connected with your loved ones. Whether you want to conduct an important business meeting. You need to do a project together.

You want to put together a plan or discuss something that needs urgent attention. Whatever might be the case, count on PTCL Conference calling feature.

And, its Conference calling will prove to be your savior.

The conference calling feature is gaining immense popularity on the Internet with apps such as Whatsapp Calling, Skype, Facebook, We chat, and other messenger services due to its unmatchable features.

The Internet isn’t available 24/7, that’s when PTCL conference calling services comes in handy

But let’s face it the internet is not always available, it can get disconnected due to law and order situation in the country, or perhaps, due to bad weather conditions, that’s when you can rely on your landline phone –PTCL, and its conference calling service.

Benefits of subscribing to the conference calling service of PTCL

Sharing views, thoughts, and ideas interactively is now possible with this feature

The benefit of this kind of communication is, all individuals can be connected to a conference call and can share their views, thoughts, and comments interactively.

Virtually gather at one place

No need to be gathered in a place, and waste time and resources, delaying the course of action. Just initiate a conference call and virtually gather on the same platform.

Even news and media channel is making use of the technology

News and media channels nowadays using the same technology to effectively connecting different individuals and make them share their views and comments and information in front of millions of viewers.

Even an individual on a trip can be available with this feature

It provides a plethora of opportunities. Even an individual is on a trip or someone distantly located now can be engaged in a group discussion in order to come to some kind of decision.

PTCL is the largest telecom service provider in Pakistan

PTCL is no doubt the pioneer when it comes to Telecom Services Provider in Pakistan.

PTCL has always strived hard to create value in the lives of a common man despite their financial status, profession, or any ethnic group they belong to.

Creating value in the lives of its valuable customers has always been its utmost priority.

PTCL Conference Call feature brings people together

Keeping this mission alive, PTCL has introduced another interesting and useful feature named PTCL Conference Call aka 3 Party Call service.

Be it a festival or a calamity, stay with your loved ones, ALWAYS

This unique conference calling service is a great effort to bring families and friends closer, be it on the festive seasons in a year, or may god forbid on the occasion of any death or calamity, one can offer condolences to their loved ones and share their grief.

PTCL Conference Call is designed in such a way that it lets its customers make more than one call at a time and the current call goes in conference mode to talk to their relatives, loved ones, and employees.

3 people can talk simultaneously on one call

Basically, three numbers can talk simultaneously typically on one call. Three people can chat together on one call without any additional charges costing to those who are a part of the call, neither any hidden registration charges.

National or international calls, no boundaries

The best feature is there is no restriction on a local or international call. Now everyone can have a say from any part of the world. Cool, isn’t it?

Easy to use, friendly billing packages

The conference services are easy to use even for a person who is not tech-savvy, anyone can use it easily and take maximum benefit out of it. It has a web integrated interface and has some decent billing packages which make it affordable for a common man to avail of the service.

No limitation of time, or location

Now, no boundaries of time and location can set you apart from loved ones.

PTCL conference calling is convenient to make and three people can converse with each other on one call at a time, from any part of the world at any time, at any given circumstances.

PTCL Conference calls are available 24/7

A Conference Call service provided by PTCLis instant, unlimited and automated and can be easily made through a regular phone call. Just like a regular telephone call, conference call services are available 24/7, too with no scheduling required.

The following are a few frequently asked questions that are asked by users before availing of the service.

How do we subscribe to Conference Call?

In order to subscribe to the service just call 1236.

How do we unsubscribe to Conference Call?

To Un-subscribe just call1236 and you will get all the necessary information.

How can I make a Conference Call, I am not so good with technology

First make a call to your desired number, once the call is connected, now quickly press the flash button, as quickly as possible. Flash button can be viewed below in the picture.

How to Make Conference Calls with PTCL

  • First, Subscribe to the conference calling service by dialing 1236.
  • Dial your desired number, once the call is connected, put it on hold, and press the flash button quickly (the flash button can be found on the keypad of the handset).
  • Pressing the flash button will put the first person on hold.
  • Now dial your second desire number
  • When a call gets connected, again press flash quickly and press 3.
  • Now enjoy your conference call.

With so many features and advantages, it would be just foolish of anyone not to subscribe to the service, so what are you waiting for? Go get subscribed now! And even get your family members and loved ones subscribed too so that they can also be benefitted from the amazing PTCL conference calling service.