Jazz all Packages Unsubscribe Code 2023

A lot of customers subscribe to Jazz multiple bundles but after using its all resource they don’t know how to deactivate the package on Jazz. Similarly, sometimes the company automatically activates the bundles on the customer’s SIM and the customers don’t know which package is active on their SIM so they want to deactivate all packages on their Jazz SIM card.

If you are facing such a problem then we provide you with the option to deactivate all packages in one shot. We will provide you with jazz all packages unsubscribe code so you can disable any bundle by just dialing a relevant code.

The fastest and quickest way to find out all currently activated bundles on SIM is to install Jazz world. The app shows you all the SMS, internet, or calling packages that you are currently using.

Why You Need to Deactivate All Packages?

One of the major problems you should deactivate all the bundles is cutting the balance without having activity. Many customers have complained that their mobile balance is cut down on daily basis without any call, SMS, or internet usage.

Even we heard a lot of complaints that they are using the Balance Save Offer but still, their balance is deducted and they are not able to find the actual problem.

Hence, if you are also facing the same issue and are not able to find the solution then don’t worry, I will explain the complete guide and also help you with what you should need to take care of to save your money.

Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe Code

One of the easiest ways to check or cancel the bundle is using the Jazz All Package Unsubscribe code which is free of cost. If you have any wrong offer activated on your SIM you can easily deactivate it by using this method.

  • Open message option from Phone
  • Type “List” and send SMS to 6611
  • You will get reply with the active services on your SIM.
  • Just reply by typing Unsub<space> service name and send it
  • Similar if you found multiple services activated you can reply each one with name and deactivate all of them

Note: This method work on Mobilink/Warid prepaid call SMS and data offers.

Stop Jazz Games Services

Most of the time we notice that the companies automatically activated some gaming packages on users’ SIM. It can also happen when you install unwanted apps or you do mistakenly but you don’t know that you are going to activate something on your Jazz SIM.

Most of the time we have seen the Gameloft activated on your Jazz SIM card causes the balance usage on the daily basis. The biggest problem with this you don’t know and you think that you haven’t subscribed to it but in reality, it’s activated on your SIM.

Anyway let’s check and make sure Gameloft is not activated and you should remove it from your SIM.

  • Open message option and write “Stop”
  • Send it to 88000 or 84149 
  • If you have Gameloft subscription it will unsub from your SIM

Jazz Mobitune Caller Tune Unsubscribe

I am sure you don’t know that the Jazz Mobitune consumes the balance on daily basis and you should unsubscribe it. This service isn’t beneficial for you and it the just company tactics to make money from users. So follow the steps to unsubscribe.

  • Dial 230 from Jazz SIM and directly unsbuscribe
  • OR send “unsub” to 230 to remove the service.

Jazz My Status Unsubscribe Code

One another Unuseable service my status takes a lot of balance without getting any benefits. 

  • Type “Unsub” and send 6085

Jazz Drive Unsubscribe Code

Jazz drives another service that might be activated on your phone which taking your all of balance away so you should de-activate it.

  • Open Jazz drive app
  • Go to side menu option
  • Tap on “My Plan” option
  • Click on “Subscribe” button to remove it.


In this post, we explain how you can deactivate all packages on Jazz. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. We would love to hear from you!