Jazz APN Settings Android 2023 (LTE) New

If you’re using an Android device and have the Jazz network, there are a few APN (Access Point Name) settings you’ll need to enter in order to get your MMS and data working correctly. In this post, we’ll walk you through those steps so you can start using your phone or tablet on the Jazz network without any issues.

So if you face any data connection problems or have poor internet speed then you could try Jazz network APN settings which is jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com.

About Jazz Network

Jazz network is a Mobile network in Pakistan and is part of the larger Warid Telecom group. The company was founded in 1994 and its headquarters is located in Islamabad Pakistan. The CEO of the company is Aamir Hafeez Ibrahim.

The Jazz network provides both 3G and 4G services, so you can enjoy fast internet speeds on your device no matter what type of connection you need. Whether you’re browsing the web, sending MMS messages to friends, or streaming music and video, the Jazz network has you covered.

JAZZ APN Settings (4G) available for different devices.

Jazz provides fast-speed internet on both 3G and 4G, but most people use 4G now so we will provide you with the Jazz 4G APN settings. Follow are the Jazz APN Settings for 4G.

  1. Android Phone APN Settings for Jazz 4G
  2. APN Setting for Blackberry
  3. Window Smartphone Jazz APN
  4. iOS Apple device APN Setting on Jazz SIM

Jazz APN Settings (4G) for Android Phones:

Step 1: In order to get the Jazz 4G network working on your Android device, you need to go into your settings and follow the steps.

Step 2: First, open your Android phone’s Settings and go to “Network & Internet.”

Step 3: Next, tap on “Mobile Network” and then select “Access Point Names.”

Step 4: Now, you need to add a new APN by tapping on the “+” sign. Fill in the following information:

Jazz APN Settings Details:

Name: 1

APN: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

Proxy: Not Required

Port: Not Required

Username: Not Required

Password: Not Required

Server: Not Required

MMSC: Not Required

MMS Proxy: Not Required

MMS Port: Not Required

MCC: 410

MNC: Not Required

Authentication Type: Not Required

APN Type: default,supl

APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4

Bearer: Unspecified

Step 5: Once you modify the Jazz APN Settings, you have to restart your Android Smartphone to apply the Jazz APN Settings.

APN Settings for Jazz (4G) on Blackberry step by step

In order to use Jazz on your Blackberry device, you’ll need to enter the following information into your APN settings:

Step 1: The first thing you’ll need to do is open the settings app on your phone or tablet.

Step 2: From here, you’ll want to navigate to the network connections option and then select mobile networks. Following are the Jazz APN settings that you need to add.

APN: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

Username: Not Required

Password: Not Required

Step 3: Next, press the Access Point Name option at the bottom of your screen, which will bring up all of the settings you’ll need to change.

APN Settings for Jazz (4G) on Windows Smartphone:

Step 1: For Windows Phone, you need to go to the app setting and then press the “Network and Wireless” option.

Step 2: Then tap on the Cellular and SIM option on your Windows smartphone.

Step 3: Here, you will see a list of all APNs that are currently stored on your device. Press Add an Internet APN option which is located under the APN option within the cellular section.

Step 4: Following is the APN information that you need to add to your device.

Name: 1

APN: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

Username: Not Required

Password: Not Required

Type of sign-in info: None

IP Type: IPv4

Proxy Server: Not Required

Proxy Port: Not Required

Step 5: At the end you need to press save button and reset your phone to activate the Jazz APN settings.

APN Settings for Jazz (4G) on iPhone devices:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap Cellular or Mobile Data, depending on the device and Scroll down to Cellular Data Options and tap it.

Step 3: Enter the Jazz APN Settings data that I show you below.

APN: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

Username: Not Required

Password: Not Required

Step 4: You can leave the “LTE Setup (optional)” blank and follow the mentioned JAZZ APN details below. 

APN: Leave it empty

Username: Leave it empty

Password: Leave it empty

Step 5: To send and receive the MMS you need to enter the following details in the MMS Section on your Apple iPhone.  

APN jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

Username Not Required

Password Not Required

MMSC Not Required

MMS Proxy Not Required

MMS Max Message Size 1048576

MMS UA Prof URL http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

Step 6: To save the Jazz APN setting on your Apple iPhone, simply press the home button.

Step 7: Finally, you need to restart your device to make the Jazz APN settings active.


In this post, we have shown you how to easily configure the Jazz network APN settings on your iPhone, Android, and various other devices. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions for Jazz APN Settings:

How can I faster my Jazz internet speed??

There is no guaranteed way to speed up the internet on any network, but you can try closing apps that may use a lot of data in the background. Another option is to restart your device and see if this helps with your connection speed.

Is the Jazz APN Setting necessary?

No, the Jazz APN setting is not necessary. However, if you are having trouble accessing the internet or sending/receiving MMS, then this setting may help resolve those issues.

How can I configure Jazz APN settings for Android devices?

To configure the Jazz APN settings for Android devices, you will need to open the Settings app and tap on Network & internet settings. From there, select Mobile networks and then Access Point Names. You can add or modify your APN data by tapping on New APN or Edit APN respectively. Simply enter the details that I show you in this guide and press Save once you’re done.

I’m having difficulty connecting to the Jazz network, what can I do?

If you’re having difficulty connecting to the Jazz network, it could be due to a number of factors. First, make sure that your device is compatible with the Jazz network and that you have entered the correct APN settings. If you’re still facing issues, try restarting your device and checking for any software updates.