Jazz Free Facebook Code 2023 | Get 5GB Daily

Social media getting much popularity and telecom companies knowns this very well. That’s the reason they offer free data for those users who can’t afford expensive internet packages.

Well, this time Jazz brings you Jazz Free Facebook Code 2023 which going to give you 5GB of data daily. So you can comment, share photos, and upload stories on your wall.

There are many ways to use the free internet on Jazz and one of the easiest ones is using the basic version of Facebook without data. But the users want to see photos and rich media content so for this, we will share 100% working code and methods.

Jazz Free Facebook Code 2023

To receive the free 3G/4G internet data you have to dial Jazz Free Facebook Code. The code is *114*6# from your phone and get free 5000 Mbs for Facebook. Simply repeat the same daily code and get 5000 social media MBs every day.

Offer Name:Free Facebook

Notice: The Free FB is available only for the GMS prepaid users.

The given code works well on Jazz and converted SIM so you can give it a try to this code and get 5000 Facebook MBs for one day. It will stay valid for 24 hours and will expire at midnight at 12 o’clock. After midnight you can repeat the same free Facebook MB code to get another set of MBs.

This code may work differently on different Jazz SIMs. It depends on how the customer uses their Jazz SIM and how often they recharge their account. Some users may get 5000 MBs for a whole month. On the other hand, some users can get the free Mbs for more than 6 months and a year.

How to Activate Jazz Free Facebook via App?

By installing Jazz official app you can get free Mbs daily. This is the best and permanent source of getting free Mbs to use Facebook on your 3G/4G smartphone. Anyone who looking for Facebook MBs for free can get the free data from “Jazz World App“.

When you are going to use free Facebook. Here are a few instructions you must follow to avoid data charges on android.

Use Free Data Mode

Free data mode is the best way to use the Facebook app without having any bundle activated. You can use it with zero data. This trick is available for all those subscribers who want to experience Facebook without having MBs. Follow the steps and use Facebook on Jazz for free.

  • Turn on mobile data
  • Now open the Facebook App on phone
  • Use Facebook Lite over FB App
  • After that click on free data mode that on top right corner
  • Congratulations! You can use Facebook free

Saving Data Mbs

  • Make sure to close other apps that may use data.
  • Turn off background data sync. To do so:
    • Open your mobile main Settings menu.
    • Under ‘Wireless & Networks’, select Data usage.
    • Touch the menu icon.
    • Make sure ‘Restrict background data’ is checked.
    • Make sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked.
  • No Subscription Available
  • For Checking Remaining MBs:  *117*77*2#

If you want to use other mobile internet packages which include call, text, and data bundle, you can use them while using the free basic lite Facebook.


If you don’t want to see photos and just explore facebook then the app method is the best way. You don’t need balance in your account and all you need to turn ON the data connection to start using Facebook. For videos and photo content you can go with the Jazz facebook code method and enjoy free data every day.