Jazz One Hour Internet Package Subscription Code & Detail

The Jazz company is dedicated to helping customers save money by offering them deals that are not available on other networks. Our Jazz One-Hour Internet Package offers Super Ghanta Internet with 1GB of data for just Rs. 10 only.

This offer gives you the option of subscribing to a 1-hour Internet bundle, which consists of a high-speed, high-quality internet connection at a low price.

You also get 1 hour of free unlimited access to the internet service offered by Jazz. This makes it possible for you to browse the web at a rate of 4G speed, all for only Rs. 10/-. So what are you waiting for? Just follow the post and you will know how to grab the offer.

Jazz One Hour Super Ghanta Offer Details

The Jazz Super Ghanta package is the cheapest internet service provider in Pakistan. With the service, customers are able to enjoy a high-speed internet connection for only one hour.

This amazing deal is available 24/7 without limitation. If the customers use the internet connection for more than one hour, they will have to pay additional charges.

The offer for the next one hour is the best choice for those who quickly need access to the internet but have a low budget. You will get 1 GB for downloading files, watching videos, and listening to music.

Take a look at the complete details in the below table.

Here is the table.

How To Redeem Jazz One-Hour Internet Package?

As the offers change from time to time, you should make sure to check the offer details on the official website here to make sure of the process and resources.

To redeem the offer, you can use the Jazz World app because it is easy to activate and, with just one touch, you will be able to subscribe to it. Moreover, you will be able to see the remaining sources in real-time to avoid additional charges.

If you don’t have the World app, then you need a subscription code for Jazz’s one-hour offer. By simply entering the code into your phone daily, you can activate it. However, if you don’t know, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the phone diary and write *638#
  • Now select the “Super Ghant” offer from the menu.
  • For subscription, select “1” and hit the call button.
  • You will get a subscription message after the offer activates on your SIM.

How to Cancel the Subscription

Jazz offers status codes to each other so the users can easily get the required information. By using the status code, you are able to see the remaining MBs, and their validity, and allow you to cancel the offer without any extra charges.

To unsubscribe from the offer, you can dial *638*2# and follow the steps.

  • Super Internet Offer of Choice
  • Select Unsubscribe from the menu.
  • Now enter “1” and hit the call button.

How to Purchase an Additional Subscription

Using the super offer in multiple purchases is possible. You can re-subscribe to it as many times as you want. However, you can only re-use the offer once it has expired, or you must unsubscribe first and then re-subscribe.

The charge for the additional subscription will stay at Rs. 10, so you don’t need to worry about the extra charges. And you will get the same validity of one hour. Upon re-sub, you will get the new 1GB of data.

Enjoy 4G Internet Speed

Mobilink and Warid understand that your time is valuable and we know how important your internet is to you. Jazz offers you 1 GB of 4G internet speed.

The 1GB and one-hour internet packages give you full 4G speed. You can download, upload, make video calls, and browse anything over the web at full speed.


In this post, we share an internet offer that stays active for 60 minutes. So, if you are looking for the best jazz offer code, then the Jazz One-Hour offer is the best option for you.

Conditions of Use

  • The offer is without taxes, and you will need an extra balance for offer activation.
  • The free data is applicable on all internet sites, such as 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • The speed may vary according to network load.
  • After consuming all the 1GB, you will be charged according to the default package.


How do I get Jazz’s 2 hour internet?

By dialling the subscription code *638#, you will get the internet for 1 hour, and after expiry, you re-dial the code and get another 1 GB of data.

How can I get 1 GB on Jazz?

To get the 1 GB of data for 24 hours, you need to dial the 1174 # subscription code. It will charge you Rs. 30 (incl. tax).

What is the code of the Jazz Super Ghanta offer?

The super Ganta offer string *638# gives you 1024 MBs for the next one day.

How can I get free MB on Jazz?

You can use the Jazz World app to get free MBs every day. Simply click on “Daily rewards” and claim your free MBs.

How can I activate Jazz for 3 days max?

If a customer is looking for 1GB of data but with additional Jazz minutes, then you can go with a three-day max offer. You can dial *631 # and subscribe to the offer at Rs. 35 only.