All Jazz Other Network Call Packages | Updated 2023

Are you seeking affordable and reliable call packages that allow you to connect seamlessly with friends, family, and colleagues?

Look no further than Jazz other network call packages. Jazz not only offers an exceptional network but also provides an array of call packages that include Jazz Free Minutes Code is designed to cater to your communication needs.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Jazz Other Network Call Packages and explore their benefits, coverage areas, and subscription options.

Jazz Other Network Call Packages

Jazz, a key player in the telecommunications field, is renowned for its robust network and high-quality call packages. These packages are designed with the consumer in mind, accommodating diverse communication needs, including cross-network calling at competitive prices.

Understanding the dynamic nature of communication, Jazz offers tailored call packages to cater to individual requirements. The Jazz 100 Minutes Package is one of the good bundles. These packages enable the subscribers to connect with friends and family on other networks such as Telenor, Ufone, and Zong.

Daily Jazz Packages

Package NameOnnet MinutesOff net MinutesSMS / InternetPriceCode
Jazz Super Plus Offer5005500 SMS & 500 MBsRs. 28 (Incl. Tax)*558# activation

Jazz Call Packages – Superior Quality, Competitive Price

Jazz’s focus on quality service provision without compromising affordability sets it apart from other network providers. Jazz call packages range from Jazz all-in-one offers, daily, weekly to monthly options, providing flexibility to consumers according to their needs. They believe in empowering the consumer with choices to match their lifestyles and demands.

Moreover, our prices are inclusive of tax, ensuring no hidden costs or surprise charges. This transparency in pricing builds trust with our customers, making Jazz the top choice for consumers across the length and breadth of Pakistan.

Weekly Packages for All Networks

Package NameOnnet MinutesOff net MinutesSMS / InternetPriceActivation Code
Jazz Weekly Super Duper1500601500 SMS & 3 GB dataRs.210 (Incl. Tax)*770#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus5000705000 SMS & 12 GB data (6 gb 2 am to 2 pm)Rs.250*505#
Weekly Super Max6000606000 SMS & 30 GB dataRs.315 (Incl. Tax)*506#
Jazz Weekly All Network Bundle1000601000 SMS & 2 GB dataRs.170 (Incl. Tax)*700#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Bundle1000201000 SMS & 1 GB dataRs.120 (Incl. Tax)*407#
Haftawaar Allrounder Offer1000501000 SMS & 1 GB dataRs.120 (Incl. Tax)*747#
Weekly Premium Offer50 all networkRs.169 (Incl. Tax)*117*47#
LAJAWAB HAFTAWAR OFFER2500252500 SMS & 2.5 GB InternetRs.70 Recharge*565# (for selected cities)
Sindh Haftawar Offer2500505000 SMS & 10 GB ​DATA (5 GB between 2AM-2PM)Rs.222.2 (Incl. Tax)*406# (for Sindh onsly)
Peshawar and Chakwals Haftawar Offer75 all network10 GB Data + free Jazz TvRs.150 (Incl. Tax)*109#
Super Chanab Offer60030600 SMS & 6 GB DataRs.70 (Incl. Tax)*664# (selected cities)

Staying Connected with WhatsApp

In addition to traditional voice calls, Jazz offers seamless connectivity with popular platforms like WhatsApp. These packages allow consumers to make voice and video call to other networks locally and internationally, thus breaking barriers and ensuring effective communication.

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Monthly Jazz All Network Packages

Package NameOnnet MinutesOff net MinutesSMS / InternetPriceActivation Code
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer30001503000 SMS & 6 GB DataRs. 621 (Incl. Tax)*706#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle10000 Jazz Mins(Weekdays 333 On-net Mins/Day)(Unlimited On-net Mins on Sunday)502500 SMS & 2 GB DataRs.489 (Incl. Tax)*430#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper PLUS50003005000 SMS & 15 GB DataRs.999 (Incl. Tax)*707#
Jazz Super Duper Card20001502000 SMS & 2 GB DataRs. 600*601#
Jazz DG Khan Monthly Offer20002004000 SMS & 2 GB DataRs.350 Recharge*705#
Jazz MAHANA BACHAT OFFER220252000 SMS & 2 GB Data(Whatsapp & IMO)Rs.89 (Incl. Tax)*614#
KARACHI MAHANA OFFER50001505000 SMS & 10 GB Data (5GB 2AM-2PM)Rs.499 Recharge*529#
SHAHDADKOT MONTHLY OFFER20002004000 SMS & 2 GB DataRs.350 Recharge*873#

Jazz in Remote Areas

Jazz’s extensive network coverage extends even to remote areas in Pakistan like the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, including Nowshera, Mardan, and other districts. So whether you’re in bustling Peshawar or the tranquil landscapes of Mansehra, a Jazz SIM card ensures you remain connected.

Other Jazz Packages

KPK Daily OfferRs.12 incl.TaxUnlimited Free On-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 100MB Internet1 DayDial *522# Status *522*2#
Apna Shehar PackageRs.10 incl.Tax100000 Free On-Net Minutes 100000 SMS 100MB Internet1 DayDial *229#

Jazz – A Step Ahead

Jazz is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that reflect its deep understanding of consumer needs. We continuously update our packages in response to consumer feedback and the latest trends. Stay updated with Jazz’s newest packages and offers via our news platform.


1. Can I use Jazz’s other network call packages on any mobile phone?

Yes, Jazz’s other network call packages are compatible with all mobile phones.

2. How can I subscribe to Jazz’s other network call packages?

Subscribing is easy with Jazz. You can do it through the Jazz website, or mobile app, or by dialing the relevant code for the package you wish to subscribe to.

3. Are there any additional charges for Jazz’s other network call packages?

No, the price of the package is inclusive of all taxes. There are no hidden costs.