Jazz Student Offer 2 Hour Call Package Code & Facebook 2023

Jazz gives freedom to the student to call as many as they want by using the Jazz Student offer that stays valid for the next 2 hours. When Jazz customers subscribe to the offer they can enjoy free calling on the same network without any additional charges.

The Jazz has the best offer in the price range that allows students to get 2 hours of free premium membership for on-network calls. The cost of the bundle is only Rs. 10 which is reasonable if you want to talk longer.

Jazz Student Offer Details, Price, and Code

The offer comes with additional benefits as well. You can also enjoy free Facebook as well. And also can subscribe to the offer more than once a day. If the bundle expiry, you can re-active it and use Facebook and call again next two hours.

Jazz Student Call Package Code

The student call offer is just like the Jazz 2-hour call package but this bundle costs you less. The price is more reasonable because Jazz knows that the student can’t afford the high price. Hence the company giving a good discount on this bundle.

PriceRS. 8.7 Incl. Tax
Balance RequireRs.10
InternetUnlimited data for Facebook
On-net MinutesUnlimited
Duration2 Hour (Except 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
To SubscribeDial *3000#
To Check StatusDial *320*2#
To InfoDial *320*3#
To Un-SubscribeDial *320*4#

Jazz Student Bundle 2 Hours

The student bundle is two in one bundle because you get unlimited social MBs as well as calling minutes. The student uses this offer to talk with teachers about study material etc.

By paying the cheapest rate of calling you can easily stay connected with your Teachers or friends and ask for study help. You will have 120 minutes of talk time.

*3000# Jazz Package Detail

You can activate the page by using the *3000# code from your Jazz prepaid SIM. You only need to pay Rs. 3+tax and then start unlimited calling on any Mobilinking number. Just make sure you can’t call from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Jazz Student Offer *114*6#

When it comes to students, they also have another student offer *114*6# which is super exciting. It gives subscribers freedom of unlimited data and on-net minutes for 2 hours at Rs. 8.7/- only. 

If you are doing study and want to download notes online then you should go with this offer. It has amazing benefits. You can call and browse the internet as well.

Jazz friends bundle Code

Jazz always take care of student that’s why they always offer something amazing. If the student offers are not enough for you then you can use Jazz friends bundle code *340# which gives you 300 minutes, 300 SMS, and 20 MBS for the same day. 

The friends offer costs you Rs. 17 but you have a full day to enjoy the calling talk time, SMS, and use of social media.

Jazz Friends Bundle 2 Hours of Code

Student always needs to talk with friends so they always looking for something cheap. Now you can use Jazz friends bundle 2 hours code *555# and get an amazing offer of Rs. 7.99 only. The offer allows you to enjoy free calling, Facebook, and SMS.

Jazz Call Packages 24 hours

Sometimes you need calling and data resources all day because you may want to talk longer and want to browser online for study material. If so then why not get the Jazz call package that gives you access for 24 hours?

You can use *114*4# to subscribe to the 24 hours package and get 500 minutes along with 50 MBs of internet. It will stay valid for a whole day you need to pay only Rs. 21.51/-


Which offer do you think is amazing for you? We listed all possible offers for students that are currently offered by Jazz. you can choose anyone that full fill your requirements. My recommendation is Jazz Student Offer because it’s cheap and offers good air time along with data.

How can I check my Jazz student offer?

You can use student offer string *320*2# or information string *320*3# to check the Jazz student offer.

What is student internet offer of Jazz?

It is a good internet offer for students who want to study online while staying at home. The offer gives you free minutes and data.

How can I get 10 GB in Jazz?

You need to subscribe to the Jazz weekly plus offer in order to get 10 GB for a whole week. You can dial *157# to get the offer.