How to Make Mobilink Conference Call

To communicate with many people at a time with different time zones, while sitting in the luxury of your bedroom is really an appealing idea, wouldn’t you agree?

Not only does it save time, enhances the pleasures, but at the same time it’s also very affordable, agreed?

What is a conference call?

The instant conversation with more than two people at a single call is the conference call. Indeed, this call doesn’t not only facilitate commute faster but simpler than ever, too.

Whole telecommunication call apps serve this facility either through telephone or IP telephone (the telephone that converts your voice into internet protocol packets.)

For this multi-person conversation, each participant has the PIN code to enter after dialing the number anywhere in the World.

So, anyone who has the phone and network connection can do this call.

However, this call may be the audio conference call or video conference call according to your need.

Either you are an employee or businessman or common man –the conference call service proves to be useful for everyone.

Advantages of a conference call

The following are a few advantages of a conference call that would compel everyone to make use of this amazing feature.

1. Simple to use

It’s easy and simple to use, hence anyone can avail of it. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to avail of this service. A conference call is easy to be arranged at a short notice with team members or clients for urgencies or projects that need immediate attention. It’s quick, effective, and simplifies your life.

2. Cost-effective

Irrespective of your call length its cost can be reduced while avoiding its premium rates. Being accessible through your company‘s call service through the local number you may call freely.

With it, your expenses for travel also cut down as there is no need for you or your team members to go on a business trip for conducting a business seminar anymore. Thus, it stands out as a highly cost-effective call option.

3. Ecological

No doubt online working is a great way to keep the environment safe from carbon pollution. With the least pollution stronger will be the ozone.

To tackle the climate changes the GREEN PLEASURES of the conference call are unquestionable. Thus it saves fuel energy too. So, with decreased use of vehicles and paper material for the business meetings it saves money. Suffice to say it’s eco-friendly!

4. Reliable

It may be regarded as the best reliable service for all users. No matter you do the business conference calls or friends meeting call – you are completely safe and sound to negotiate. Neither it leaks your privacy nor does it put you at risk as it contains the security code system & encryption.

Add to it you may use it anytime due to its 24/7 accessibility.

How to Make Conference Call:

Before making a conference call, you probably will have to check with your operator for the service activation. Not all operators offer this service pre-activated and free.

Operator wise details for the Conference call services are given below.

Once you are sure that the conference call service is activated on your number, the following is the standard method for making a conference call:

  • Dial a number
  • when connected, put this number on hold
  • Select “New Call” or “Add Call” from options and Dial another number
  • when the second number is connected, Select “Conference” or “Merge Calls” from the options
  • You can repeat the same procedure to bring more persons into conferencing

Just to add, this process of making a conference call may vary from handset to handset. If you can’t find the “conference” or “Merge Call” option when connected with two calls then you need to check your phone manuals or vendors for any further guidance.

Things to note:

Conference call service activation is only required for the person who is initiating calls. Other receivers can get connected even without a service subscription.

You will be charged for all the calls simultaneously. For example, if you are connected with three friends (other than you) through a conference call then a regular tariff will be applied for three separate calls.

Mobilink conference call service

Although, there are many cellular companies and Internet apps available for conference calling service at the moment. But we highly recommend you to subscribe for Mobilink conference call service due to its reliable service, great signals throughout the country. Even the 24-hour support offered by the company is just amazing!

Making Conference Call on Mobilink

  • Mobilink allows up to 4 people of any network (1 initiator + 3 other numbers) to make a conference call with each other.
  • Mobilink offers conference call to postpaid subscribers only.
  • Mobilink charges monthly subscription charges of Rs. 50/- for conference call facility
  • Dial 111 to activate the conference call facility on your Mobilink number
  • There is another service called “Conference Bridge”, offered to both Mobilink prepaid and postpaid customers to organize conference meetings of up to 25 participants.
  • Service Charges for Conference Bridge are Rs. 50 per month and are applied to all “Conference Bridge” participants.

Why Jazz for the Conference call?

Mobilink’s quality communication service makes it matchless. Let’s explore the reasons for its use:

  • The excellent performance even for long hours from anywhere throughout the country or in any situation makes it dominant over other networks.
  • Mobilink has the most powerful network that would not get interrupted even in bad weather.
  • Being inexpensive with affordable packages enhances its usability.
  • The next best feature is its accessibility for 24 hours. You may call your loved ones any time of the day, without worrying about signal issues.
  • It provides you the security assurance of your calls. Moreover, Mobilink endows with the facility of personalized security code as well as encryption for calls to keep your calls safe from risk.
  • Its ability to block exterior lines makes it AWESOME, once the conference call is set up, all your conference callers are locked safely for their meeting.


Thus being effective, simple, and inexpensive- Mobilink stands alone in its enhanced features for the conference call. It’s simple to use, offers you strong connections to the network, calls are secure and superior voice makes it no 1 choice for the people of Pakistan.