Telenor Free Internet Codes 2023 | Updated Methods

Everyone loves to get free data from mobile broadband companies. There are many ways to get Telenor free internet with and without code. All you have is a smartphone with a prepaid Telenor SIM to use free data. Here you will find  100% working Codes, Proxy & Tricks 2023 that you can apply to use unlimited data MBs.

One of the famous methods to access the internet over Telenor is using the Proxy which is works well. But I know the problem with this trick, the internet becomes very slow in the daytime. That’s the reason, I will share with you some latest proxies that work fast in the day and as well as in night time.

How to Get Free Telenor Internet on Prepaid SIM?

Getting internet data on your Telenor SIM becomes very easy when the company himself offers some bundles at no cost. But these offers are limited to criteria and you need to full fill into that to get the free MBs. Besides that, Telenor also gives some free away to win free data.

Similarly, there are many codes available from Telenor that you can dial from your prepaid or post SIMS to enjoy free data. Other than that, you can use some freely available proxies to get free data Gifts.

Moreover, there are some sales offers available that you can get from the Telenor App and get a good discount on different bundles. The moral of the story is, Telenor is not limited to get some free stuff!

List of  Free Codes for Telenor Internet 2022

Telenor always posts new offers on their website and Facebook page but still, there are hidden codes that are not publicly avaiable. We are able to arrange these codes from different sources so you can dial them and enjoy free MBs on Telenor SIM.

Following are the latest Working Telenor free internet codes 2021:

  • Get Free internet for a whole week by Dialing *888#
  • To get the unlimited Telenor to offer you can dial *345*75#
  • Another code from Telenor to enjoy free data is *345*88#
  • For social media, users can dial *331# OR *5*325# and get free access over WhatsApp and Facebook with 1GB of data.
  • Telenor 500 MBs offer available by dialing *5*700# and stay connected for ten days.
  • There are few more codes (*345*7777# or *345*818# or *345*991#) avaiable that you can give a try and get some free resources.
  • Free 2GB internet for prepaid SIM users can get through *345*1004# or *345*477# code.

Telenor Offers & Apps Gift Data

Besides the codes, the company also has great offers and many of them are free or require a recharge balance. By using such offers you can enjoy free internet MBS along with free calling minutes.

It depends upon which offer you want to activate. Some of them do not require recharge and all you have to active your Telenor SIM. Few are related to using the app and winning free data gifts.

Let’s have a look at all the avaiable offers:

My Telenor Internet App

If you haven’t installed the My Telenor app then it’s the right time to do it and subscribe to Telenor My App Offer. The company giving you 2GB of data for 7 days. All you have to install the app from the Google play store and enjoy the data.

Not only this but you can also get the free sources on a daily basis when you keep using the app. The app has some great features as well. You can active offers, check balance free of cost, and unsub any bundle at any time.

Easypaisa App Offer

Likewise my App you can also install and use the Easypaisa app where you will get the free net. Not only this but also many more discounts on different products also available.

Follow the steps and avail Gifted MBs.

  • Go to Google Store and search for “EasyPaisa APP
  • Now download the app and install it on your smartphone.
  • Next, you will receive PKR 100 rupees in your account.
  • Clim these 100 rupees into your easy money account.
  • Finally, you can activate any internet offers from the app.

Test your Skills Today Answer Win 100 MBs

Telenor brings you a new way to Win data and this is called Test Your Skills by using Telenor mobile application. You need to write five correct Today Telenor Answer of the question and you will able to get Free 100 Mbs.

Simply open your Telenor app and click on Test Your Skills button. Now you will have five questions one by one with four options. You need to select the correct option and move to the next question.

Similar answers all the questions and get free data with one-day validity.

WhatsApp Free 2GB Internet

Nowadays most users are using WhatsApp. Even they don’t call from balance and like to do calling from WhatsApp. This is becoming saving more balance and can enjoy HD voice and video calling.

Those who like to use WhatsApp for calling and sharing data now get 2GB of free data on their SIM. Here are full details on how to activate the offer.

  • Open phone dialer and dial *247#
  • You will get the confirmation about receiving the 2GB data for WhatsApp.
  • Charges: This offer is free of cost with all features of WhatsApp.
  • Validity: It will stay valid for one month only.
  • Check: Dial *999#, check remaining data.

Telenor Free 3GB Internet Offer

The users who watch videos on Youtube or any other platform always require mobile data in GBs. So now you can avail yourself of free 3GB of data on Telenor. Follow the steps:

  • First dial *655# from your Telenor SIM.
  • After that, Wait for few seconds and you will get the confirmation message about the offer activation.
  • Offer charges: The offer is without any charge.
  • Offers validity: The validity of this offer is just for 7 days.

Obtain Telenor Mobile Data Through Proxy

We all know that this is the most used method of connecting with the Internet. There are many proxies avaiable that help you to connect with satellite and enjoy free access over the web. The only drawback in this method is, the speed of the net is a bit slow down when a lot of users connected

To overcome this problem, it’s better you use this method at night time. At night the users base becomes lower and the speed of the server becomes better. So you will get much better performance during the night time.

Freedom VPN Unlimited Internet

Another useful trick of using free internet with Telenor is using Proxy. Many of you already heard about this method but may don’t know how to use this method to get free internet.

Don’t worry, I will share with you a few simple steps that you can follow to enjoy the connectivity of the internet. With this method, you will be able to access free Facebook, Twitter, UC browser, opera, and many other apps.

You will also enjoy video sites such as youtube and watch HD movies.

  1. Let’s download and install the Freedom APK
  2. Open the app and press Connection. Type in server
  3. Select Telenor Prepaid (Pakistan)
  4. Choose DNS Connection Mode
  5. Next, Type 443 in the Port field and press Start Connection.
  6. That’s it! Now you can enjoy free internet.

HTTP App Injector Internet

By using the HTTP Injector app, you can enjoy free internet on Telenor SIM without having any balance or charges. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Google App Store and find the latest version of the HTTP Injector.
  2. Simply download and install it on your smartphone.
  3. Agree with
  4. Terms & Conditions” by just clicking the checkbox and Press File button which will be located near the Settings menu.
  5. Now you need to import the configuration file (Please visit here for details). Just click on the import button to add the file.
  6. Open the directory where you have download the Configuration file and open it.
  7. After that, you need to add an SSH account in the settings (SSH Accounts are required to bypass your proxy to another region/country)
  8. If you don’t know how to create an SSH account then you can visit Fast SSH in order to create a free account. You simply need to add an IP address along with a username and password.
  9. Next, open the HTTP Injector application again and open the settings.
  10. Now you need to re-enter the IP Address with the username and password that you already set in the FastSHH (You will require to recreate/renew your SSH account after every 3 days).
  11. Let’s press the Start button and you are done.
  12. Enjoy using free Telenor Internet using HTTP Injector App.

UC Browser & Handler

The simple and easiest method to use the free internet on Telenor 4G SIM is using UC Browser & Handler. It’s quite an easy method and all you have to do is some of the basic settings.

You need to apply the setting on your smartphone and then use the UC browser to enjoy free internet. Let’s follow the steps:

  1. Go to your smartphone Settings and open Mobile Network
  2. Next, create a new Access Point
  3. In the APN field, Add: internet
  4. Set Proxy:
  5. Port: 80
  6. NOw open UC Browser to use FREE Internet on your Telenor SIM


So I try to cover all the work and unique techniques that help you to connect with the internet and enjoy free unlimited data. All of the above mention methods work only on Telenor prepaid SIM but you can also connect the internet on your laptop through a hotspot. There are a few more apps that you can give a try like a sky VPN, my Telenor, easy paisa, and get discounts on different packages.