Telenor Hourly Internet Package

Freedom to Stream, Download and Socialize with Telenor Hourly Internet Package. It is also known as Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer. Now get 1500 MB (during 6 AM – 6 PM). The cost of the bundle is Rs. 15 (incl. tax).

Enjoy best-in-class 4G with better speed and affordable rates. Let’s turn On the data connection 12 hours a day. Stay connected with friends and family members from morning to evening.

How to Activate Telenor Hourly Internet Package

  • Offer Recharge Required: Rs. 20
  • Subscription Code: *10#
  • Validity: 12 Hours (6 AM – 6 PM)

Terms & Condition

  • Only 1500 MBs are allowed to use during (6 AM – 6 PM).
  • The Telenor hourly offer stays valid for 12 hours only.
  • All Djuice and Telenor customers are eligible for this offer.
  • No limitation applies to the usage of social apps.
  • Download as much as you want within the data limit of 1.5GB data.
  • The bundle isn’t available during the night.
  • Watch video content using this offer allow but make sure you should not exceed the data limit.
  • All messaging applications are allowed.
  • Voice and video call also available with this Telenor hourly bundle.
  • This is only an internet offer so no on-net and off-net minutes are available.
  • The price of the bundle without any Tax. The taxes will apply upon subscription.


Does this bundle work on 4G?

Yes, It will work but all 2G Bundle will not work on 3G or 4G.

What will happen if the user changes his Price Plan after activating any internet bundle?

The bundle will be deactivated.

What will happen if the user purchases any Internet Bundle with this offer?

The bundle will be activated. Each bundle will expire as per its own validity. Bundle with lower validity will be consumed first.

How can subscribers check remaining internet Volume (MBs)?

Dial *999# to check the remaining internet volume.

Is this offer mutually exclusive with any other offer?

No, this offer is not mutually exclusive with any other offer.

What happens if I have a 4G Bundle and not in a 4G coverage area?

Telenor’s 4G bundle is valid on 2G+3G+4G, therefore even if you are not in the 4G Coverage area the bundle will automatically on 3G/2G a well.