Telenor Quiz Answer Today 20 April

This post about Telenor Quiz Answers Today 20 April 2022. You will get to know how to give the My Telenor app quiz answer to win free MBs. We will explain the method in an easy way and as well as provide you 100% correct answers to all the questions.

A little About Today Telenor Quiz Answers

Before getting started, I would like to tell you that you should need to visit our site regularly if you want to win free internet MBS. This is because the Telenor Quiz system work on a daily basis and every day they post a fresh set of questions.

Hence, those questions are unique and you have to answer all of them to receive the free MBs. In case fail to even put a single answer lead you with no free MBs.

Therefore, we here keep updating the post on a daily basis and add fresh sets of answers along with questions.

My Telenor App Answer Questions

The Telenor Quizzing system is also known as “Test Your Skills” and it is only listed on the Telenor Android /iOS application. You can easily find it on the home page of the application, just on the bottom right of your smartphone screen.

By clicking on the Test your Skill button you can start answering one by one but the problem is, sometimes the question is difficult and you may make a mistaken input a wrong answer. If you do so you will lose your daily MBS.

If you are in fear that you might now able to Telenor answers today correctly then don’t worry. I will give you guidelines as well as correct answers so you can easily pass the Telenor test to enjoy free data.

Before getting into the details, let’s why not take a look at the process of entering into the Telenor skill test section.

 Step by step guide, to get free MBs

All you have to follow the 7 given below steps and you are ready to start with Telenor Quiz Answer.

  • Open My Telenor App
  • Click on “Test Your Skills” button.
  • Now you will see very first question on your mobile screen.
  • Click on right answer from the Given four option.
  • Tab on “Next” button to see the next question and So on.
  • Complete the All  Five question with correct answer and you are done
  • Here you Go! You will be rewarded with 50/100 Mbs right away.

Now you are ready to use those Mbs. You can turn ON the data connection and start bowering any kind of content over the internet. As the Mbs is very less and can be consumed very quickly you make sure to activate the Telenor Save Balance Code services so you can avoid consuming balance when your given MBs finish.

Till now you know everything about the Telenor app quiz and how to answer. So Let’s move and let me list out all the questions that were posted today with correct answers so you will never fail in Telenor test skills.

Question 1: “Layla-tul-Qadr” is better than “Alfi shahr”. What does “Alfi shahr” mean?

  • 1000 nights
  • 10 days
  • 1000 months
  • 1000 weeks

Answer: 1000 months

Question 1: “Layla-tul-Qadr” is better than “Alfi shahr”. What does “Alfi shahr” mean?

  • 1000 nights
  • 10 days
  • 1000 months
  • 1000 weeks

Answer: 1000 months

Question 4: Which of these festivals is called Eid of sacrifice?

  • Eid-ul-Fitr
  • Basant
  • Nowruz
  • Eid-ul-Adha

Answer: Eid-ul-Adha

Question 5: Which month is mentioned as best in Quran?

  • Ramadan
  • Rajab
  • Shaban
  • Ziqad

Answer: Ramadan

I am sure now you will be able to pass your test easily and win some free bucks of Mbs for Telenor internet connectivity. Keep enjoy and don’t forget to re-visit this post so you keep getting free data from Telenor.

People Also Ask For Telenor

What is my Telenor App?

The app helps you active/deactivate any bundle with just one tap. You can check your package/offer details such as validity, remaining MBs, SMS, or free minutes without additional cost. Furthermore, you can buy premium services such as Netflix from your account.

What is the Telenor Helpline Number?

By dialing +92 (42) 111 345 100 you can easily get in touch with Telenor representativity. You can also email them at

What exactly does Telenor Test Your Skills?

It is a newly created service from Telenor to help people to get free MBs while using the app. They don’t need to spend even a single rupee and can still be a part of Telenor 4G internet service.

How Many Internet MBs Given from Telenor Skills Test?

You will be rewarded a maximum of 100 Mbs if you are able to answer all the questions correctly. In some cases, you will be given 50 Mbs only. It all depends upon the Telenor customer system.

What is the validity of free MBs?

The free resources will expire on the same day at 12:00 AM and will not roll over to the next day.