Ufone Call Packages 3 Days | Get 300 Minutes Rs. 30

The user who always makes longer calls is always looking for unlimited call packages. So, the Ufone Call Packages 3 Days is the perfect choice for such users. The bundle offers you 300 minutes at PKR 30 only. You can use this network to call anywhere in Pakistan and use this service with unlimited minutes.

So, the best deals on Ufone calls are here! Let’s make outgoing calls for three days for Rs. 30. This Ufone call minutes offer is one of the cheapest ways to call Pakistan, as the per-minute price is lower than all other mobile phone providers.

Ufone has always been known for its affordable mobile phone services. The company offers prepaid plans at very low prices. Recently, they launched their new call packages. Are these worth the price tag? Let us find out.

Ufone Call Packages for 3 Days

If we calculate the price per day, we will find that it will cost Rs. 10 per day with 100 minutes, which is a very good amount. 

On the other hand, if we compare it with other networks, it is far better than other networks because of its service quality and speed.

There is no call charge for the first 300 minutes, and there is no additional charge for calls made on 3G or 4G networks.

This new plan comes with some restrictions. This plan, for example, does not allow you to make international calls or send SMS messages. Also, you cannot use this plan on networks other than those provided by Ufone.

Ufone Call Packages 3 Days Specifications

As the name says, it is a call package, but Ufone offers you additional benefits along with this bundle. You will also get 300 free SMS for all networks. Moreover, you will receive 30 MBs of data for quick browsings, such as email. The below table describes the Ufone Call Packages for 3 Days in detail.

How Do I Sign Up for an Offer?

There are two ways to subscribe to the offer. You can subscribe through the My Ufone app or by dialing the code. As for the code, you have to dial *5353# from a Ufone 3G or 4G SIM. After failing the code, the package activation will be successful, and charges of PKR 30 will be deducted from your account. 

How to Check Incentives

The Ufone app is the simplest and easiest way to check the remaining prepaid ongoing minutes. It’s free of charge, and you can check it as many times as you want. All you need is an internet connection or mobile data plan.


If you are looking for a call package that gives you unlimited free calls for three days, this is the best package. The packages are not restricted, and you can use them. We recommend our dear visitors subscribe to this voice offer.

Conditions of Use

  1. A call setup charge applies to each call, which is Rs. 0.13 paisa.
  2. Ufone Prepaid users are allowed to get this offer.
  3. Each call’s duration is limited to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  4. Once the offer expires, you need to re-active if needed.
  5. You can use the offer more than once.
  6. You can call your local Ufone or PTCL number.
  7. You can cancel the package at any time.
  8. When you sign up for a service, you’ll usually have to read through the terms and conditions.