Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package

Ufone starts rolling out their weekly buckets. They bring you Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package with 500 MBs mobile data. The offer price is set Rs. 125 (incl. tax).

This bundle didn’t include any social data but you can use all the social websites. The data will consume from the bucket.

How to Activate Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package

  • Offer Recharge Required: Rs. 150
  • Subscription Code: *220#
  • Any WhatsApp calls will be charged on the default Mobile Internet rate.
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of the buckets

Terms & Conditions

  • The bundle data only for the internet but you can use it for all the web or apps.
  • 500 Mbs data limits apply.
  • The offer will not re-sub after expiry.
  • The default tariff of data consumption is Rs. 2 + Tax per MB.
  • After spending 25 MBs, the rest of the day is free until midnight. (FUP 150 MBs applies).
  • This heavy package volume accumulator will rest at 00:00 hrs. every day.
  • Weekly Bucket allows users to consume 500 MBs of data for the duration of one week.
  • The offer can be subscribed to by dialing the subscription code *7815#.
  • Similar, Ufone Heavy offer is also available by dialing *3#
  • Standard charges will apply upon checking the remaining resources.
  • No voice or video call setup charges will apply.
  • However, connecting video calls will deduct the volume from the bucket.
  • Multiple activations of the offer not allow.
  • Resubscription only possible if you first un-subscribe the offer.
  • Bucket speed depends on multiple factors such as web page, distance from site and your device.