Zong Balance Save Code 2023 & Lock Service

Zong again wins the race by introducing another great service called Zong Balance Save Code 2022 & Lock Service. Now you can lock your mobile balance. This must need service. By using this amazing service, your mobile top-up will not be used while running out of internet MBs.

For example, if you have activated any of the Zong prepaid internet bundles and you run out of MBs, the Zong balance lock code will not let consume your mobile credit.

It’s an amazing service that is absolutely free of cost. You can activate this service from the Zong My App. Just to mention here, it will not help you to stop calling or save credit if you run out of minutes or SMS.

Before this service, you always need to keep checking your data MBs and need to do a balance Inquiry that costs you Rs. 12+tax per inquiry. Now you don’t need to check it and just activate the Zong lock-out service and stay safe.

This unique service is an App exclusive so you can’t subscribe to it without installing my Zong app. You should have Zong Application install on your phone.

In fact, if you want to preserve your balance then you should install the Zong app and activate the service free of cost to avoid extra charing of balance when your mobile MBs are consumed.

How to Activate Save Zong Balance Service

This service can also be activated from the My Zong App so you should have it on your smartphone. If you don’t have then simply install it from Google Play Store. The app is free of cost. After installing the app, following these steps.

  1. You need to create an account on Zong App if you don’t have it already. After that, log in to the app.
  2. Next, you need to go to the Home page of the App and scroll down at the end. Here you will find the Hot Offers.
  3. Simply Turn ON the Balance Save Method and it will ask you to Subscribe Now. Just click Subscribe Now button and you are done.
  4. If in any case, you didn’t see the service on the home page then Go to Bundles menus, and here you will surely find this service.

Zong Save Balance Code 2022

Finally, Zong also introduces the code to save the balance for prepaid 4G customers. Zong balance save Karne ka Tarika is very simple and easy. All you need to follow the steps for activation of the Zong Lock Balance service.

  • Open phone dialer pad.
  • Just Dial  Balance Save Code *4004#
  • Now select the prepaid option.
  • Select 1 to Subscription.
  • Now the offer will activate.
  • You will get the following message as the service active on your SIM.

Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Data Management Services, To resume data services, please dial *6464# to subscribe e to Zong data bundles.

Still, haven’t understand? Watch the video here.

How To Withdraw Zong Balance?

It’s easy to deactive the Zong balance offer without any charges. But if you do so your account balance will start conusming when you are out of internet MBs. Follow the steps and subscribe the service.

  • Dial *4004#
  • Select 2 & “Unsubscribe”
  • Service has been succesfully unsubscribed”

Why We Need Zong Balance Save Code?

It is must needed service becuase many customers compalian that their account balance lost whenever they turn on data connection. This was because when you don’t have internet bundle activated, Zong use balance for internet connectivity. That’s the reason you must need Zong balance save service so you can save your balance while using data connection.

Frequently Ask Question:

Is this offer for both postpaid and prepaid customers?

Yes, It is valid for both postpaid and prepaid users.

Will I able to use the data without any bundle subscription after subscribing to this offer?

No, You will not able to use the internet without any bundle subscription. The internet will only work as long as you have FREE MBS from a valid bundle subscription. This offer helps you avoid unintended data charges/bill shock.

What if I have multiple internets offers active?

Your internet offers will continue to work as before. The only difference is that when you FREE MBs finish or offer to expire Your internet will stop working. Balance save offers will not let your phone connect to the internet using your mobile balance. Cool, right? That’s why we call it Balance Save Promo Offer.

How to Check my internet working find after activating this offer?

You can visit www.zong.com.pk or open my Zong App. Since both services are FREE, they will continue to work even if you don’t have any free MBs. In which case you can activate your favorite offer. Note that if Balance Save offers active and you run out of FREE MBs. other apps will stop working even when you have balance.

If the Balance Save Promo service is activated, Can I still use Free service like free Facebook?

Of course, why not, you can still use any of the free services. Zong offers free internet access to multiple apps, sites. Access to all such websites will remain FREE and work just like before.

What happens if I move from prepaid to postpaid package?

The Balance Save Promo will un-subscribe automatically and you need to re-subscribe it free of cost.