Zong Call Divert Code 2023 – Call Forwarding Service

Don’t want to receive someone’s Call due to a busy schedule? The Zong Call Divert Code is a simple solution to forward any call to any other number. By using the Zong Call forward or divert service, you can quickly transfer calls to your home or office number.

Many Zong customers don’t know the benefits of the Call divert utility and how to activate or deactivate the service. But in this post, I will guide you and give you details on the Call Divert utility offered by Zong.

The simple and easy way to activate the forward call service is by using the 67 code from your Zong prepaid number. Moreover, the services have four modes you can select after dialling the code.

Zong Call Divert Code 2022

The Call diverts code is for the user who doesn’t want to receive calls or SMS from specific people. They can block them or divert their calls to other SIMs. Sometimes you are in meetings and don’t want to receive incoming calls. Hence, the simple and easy solution is to forward the incoming calls to friends or colleagues’ numbers.

This service doesn’t cost too much to operate but offers excellent benefits. It is helpful for those who have a busy life and want to receive only important calls. 

Zong Call Divert Modes

Zong diverts service has four options to activate according to the situation. Sometimes you are busy in a meeting; in this case, you can use Buy Mode. Similarly, if you don’t want to pick up someone’s Call then you can use Don’t Pick Call Mode.

Moreover, the divert mode can be used when you are out of the service area. Likewise, the unconditional mode is also available to activate when you don’t have any conditions.

There are four call divert services (modes) according to types:

  1. Busy Mode
  2. Don’t Pick Call Mode
  3. Number Out of Reach Mode
  4. Unconditional or other Mode

How to Activate Call Divert on Zong

Most of the Zong services and utilities can be activated through code. But the customer should know right away about dialling those codes because each service comes with different ways of using code.

So, to activate the essential Zong Call divert service, the customer needs to dial **67*Number# from their prepaid SIM. This code will activate the services on Busy Mode.

However, if you want to activate the service in “Don’t Pick Call Mode”, you must dial **61*Number# without any cost.

Similarly, dial the **62*Number# to activate divert mode when you are out of the service area. To activate the unconditional mode, dial **21*Number# from your SIM.

Zong Call Divert Deactivate Code

This service has four unique modes, and each mode activation code differs. Hence the Zong Call diverts deactivate code is also different. Let’s take a look at unsubscribing for each mode of divert Call.

  • Divert (Busy Mode) deactivate code ##67#
  • Don’t Pick Call Mode un-subscribe code ##61#
  • Number Out of Reach Mode unsub code ##62#
  • Unconditional or other Mode de-active code ##21#

Built Mobile Zong Call Forwarding Settings

The last android version already has a built-in Call divert service that can be activated free of cost. You can access these services from the phone setting. Suppose you have any problem with Call divert activation on SIM. In that case, you can use the phone divert settings and forward all the calls to a specific number.

Follow the steps to activate the Call diverse from the phone.

  • Go to Phone setting.
  • Turn on mobile data.
  • Select call setting from the primary setting.
  • Tap on call forwarding
  • Activate this call setting function.
  • Add contact into diverting.
  • Click on the Save setting, and you are done.

Final Words

If you want to shift your calls for a specific time then you can activate this amazing call divert utility and enjoy the experience of the world’s best additional services. The cost of service is very affordable and you simply need to pay once a month. You can also deactivate the service whenever you need it.