How to Make & Activate Zong Conference Call

With Zong say it all. Zong is amongst the fastest growing cellular networks in Pakistan. Due to its remarkable service — the fastest connectivity, strong signals, coverage in all areas of Pakistan and reasonable rates make it no 1 choice of the people in Pakistan, and no wonder its users are increasing day by day.

Zong conference call is a special digital service that many people not familiar with. It is a facility from No #1 cellular company that allows two or more people to speak with each other simultaneously.

Its remarkable features also include its fastest 4G internet— almost at the lightning speed, SMS packages, calls, and internet packages that too at very low rates.

What is a conference call?

If you are someone who isn’t familiar with a conference call let me inform you that the conference call is a facility offered by almost all the cellular networks.

It allows more than two callers to speak with each other at a time without having to make a call themselves or paying any additional charges.

The only thing it requires on your part is having your handset compatibility. However, almost all the latest models set now allow the conference call facility.

Why use the Zong conference calling service?

Conference calls make your life easy. You can now connect with your loved ones, colleagues, or just anyone around the world with just one tap of a finger.

Let’s check out this infographic which explains you in a few easy steps.

The best thing about the Zong conference call is 10 people can talk simultaneously on one call. You can conduct urgent meetings with your employees without having to arrange a place for a meeting or bear any additional charges for transport.

The conference calls are even convenient to set up and everyone can be made available from any part of the world. Even a late-night meeting is no longer a problem.

The most amazing thing is that there are no charges for using Zong’s Conference Calling service.

Following is the detailed calling method is given for the Conference Call so that you can also get benefit from this service.

The Zong conference call is one of the most special features of the network to which many people are not fully aware.

How to Activate Conference Call on Zong?

The best part is both prepaid and postpaid customers of Zong SIM users can enjoy this service.

  • Dial 310, that Zong helpline from your mobile phone.
  • Press 2 from the menu and then select 0 to talk to Zong’s customer representative.
  • Now you can make a request to Zong’s customer care representative to activate a conference call on Zong’s number.

The service shall be activated upon the request without any additional charges but you must be a customer of Zong unlimited packages to enjoy this amazing conference call service.

How to Make Conference Call Zong?

The easiest way to do the conference call with your friends is to dial out their phone numbers directly from your smartphone

Step 1. Open Default Phone application.

Find the default Call Dialer icon on your Android smartphone and click to launch it.

Step 2. Add the Recipient number and make the call

To make a conference call using Zong, dial the number of a recipient and wait until he/she receives the call.

Step 3. Hold the call

Now when the first person is connected on the call ask him/her to hold and without disconnecting the call, dial a second number now, and include him/her on the same call.

Step 4. Add another Caller friend

When the second person’s call is also connected, go to options, and select a conference call (Add Call) from the menu.

Step 5. Add more participants

You can add up to 10 persons by repeating the same method. If you face any issues making a Zong conference call, you can always call their helpline by dialing 310 and get your issue instantly resolved.

The Conference call is a must avail technology in order to compete with the ever-growing demands of the fast-paced world. And when Zong, unlike other cellular networks, is offering it for free, why not make the most of it?

Note: the conference calling service of Zong is free for prepaid and postpaid users.