Zong Free Facebook Offer

Zong brings you free Facebook offer 2021 which is a new way that allows ZONG customers to stay connected with Facebook without any balance or package/code activation.

You don’t need to subscribe to any bundle to use Facebook with Zong, all you have to keep the data ON and let’s start using it without any charges.

Zong users can enjoy the free basic version of Facebook without any balance or charges by switching to the FREE mode. In free mode, the users can do post status, likes, comments, chat, read the posts, and send or receive friend requests.

To watch a video, HD photos, and other external links on Facebook, customers need to switch to data mode and they will be charged as per their data plan or you can go with Zong free facebook messenger offer without any additional charges.

I think it’s still good to used Facebook without photos and videos because you don’t need to pay any amount. You can still update status and comments on your friend posts which is great.

How to Activate Zong Free Facebook Offer

  • Offer Price: Rs. 0
  • No Subscription required.
  • Validity: Everyday
  • To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *102#

Features that are available on Free Facebook

While using free Facebook, you are limited to its features and you can perform the following task.

  • With free Facebook, you can update the status on your and your friend’s wall.
  • You can also Comment or Like any post all over Facebook.
  • Get free access to newsfeed activity.
  • The Zong Customer can send/receive text messages.
  • The user can also share the post.

Features that are NOT Available

All of the basic features of Facebook available using Facebook with Zong but the rich media content are not allowed.

If you try to access rich media content such as photos and videos, you will be charged according to your data packages.

  • You can’t watch videos free of cost.
  • Similarly, the photo’s access will not be permitted.
  • With free Facebook uploading multimedia content not allowed.
  • Downloading videos or photos option not available free of cost.

That’s It!

Access Free Facebook using freebasics.com

There is another way to get access to Facebook using freebasics.com. By using a free basic version, you will have access to Facebook without any charges.

The free basics introduced by Facebook for the peoples who want to engage with the world but they don’t have much budget to spend on the internet.

Due to expensive mobile data, it is difficult for people to access the internet and social media sites like Facebook.

To open Facebook by using free basics, You simply need to do the following steps.

  • Download and Install the free basics android app on your smartphone.
  • Start browsing the websites that are available on Free Basics.
  • Free Basics will not charge any data volume.

But remember that your smartphone may consume the data in the background which will be charged according to the use of Internet volume.

To avoid this, you need to disable auto-sync or any other services that are running in the background. That will save your data volume and charges.