Telenor TikTok Package

Telenor TikTok Package is a super existing offer. Get full 2GB data for TikTok and Snapchat. The price tag is only Rs. 40 (incl. Tax) for a whole month. Let’s talk with friends over Snapchat, view stories all over the … Read More

Telenor Instagram Package Code & Details

Telenor Instagram Package Code

A bigger add-on offer from Telenor for Instagram users. Now get 10GB of the internet with Telenor Instagram Package for the period of 30 days. The first activation is free of cost but re-activation of the Instagram service as a … Read More

Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Offer

Telenor lets you enjoy streaming with Weekly 6 to 6 Offer at a reasonable cost of Rs. 55 (incl. tax). Do chatting and social networking with 4000 MBs best in class 4G speed. The validity of the Telenor sixer offer … Read More

Telenor Hourly Internet Package

Freedom to Stream, Download and Socialize with Telenor Hourly Internet Package. It is also known as Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer. Now get 1500 MB (during 6 AM – 6 PM). The cost of the bundle is Rs. 15 (incl. tax). … Read More

Telenor Youtube Package

Due to the heavy demand for videos, Telenor Youtube Package 2020 out there. This is a great offer that comes with 500 MBs of data for the next hour. Get’s ultimate video experience through Telenor Video Offer at a price … Read More

Telenor Monthly IMO Package

Telenor gives freedom to instant message and video chat. It brings you Telenor monthly IMO package with a data limit of 2GB. You can enjoy video calling or share any content. Stay connected with friends and family members with such … Read More

Telenor Lockdown Offer

Finally, more broadband companies start offering LockDown special offers. With Telenor Work From Home Bundle, you will get 4000 MBs for a whole week. You can use the given data volume between 6 AM to 6 PM. The cost of … Read More

Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package

Looking for Telenor data for WhatsApp and want it at a cheap price? Now with Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package, you can enjoy a tremendous 1500 MB mobile data at the only price of Rs. 5 + Tax. WhatsApp is a … Read More

Telenor Monthly Social Package

Telenor offers you a Monthly social package to enjoy WhatsApp and Facebook for a whole month. At the price of only Rs. 44.45/- You will get 3000 MBs (3GB) data for both social media apps. Not only this But you … Read More

Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus Bundle

Due to more data demand, Telenor offers another exciting bundle in the monthly category. Now you can get 50 GB of big data. The customers who love to watch videos or want to download heavy files can subscribe to the … Read More

Telenor Monthly Plus Bundle

The Telenor 4G brings another bigger volume offer for monthly customers. Get Monthly Plus Package at an affordable cost of Rs. 896.25 and keep connectivity around the world. This bundle introduces the company to entertain users who need unlimited data … Read More

Telenor Monthly Lite Package

In the monthly category, Telenor has much variety of packages as you want for its customer to offer data volume. All of them are monthly base packages that are heavily loaded with data volume so you don’t stop yourself from … Read More