How to Block Ufone Number to Avoid Unwanted Calls

Are you worry about too many unwanted calls and SMS messages? With Ufone call blocker service, Let’s block them and get rid of them from your life.

Do you know who are these peoples who send you many SMS every day? They are doing their product promotions and we can call them 420.

For such 420 people, Ufone brings you a code *420# to dial from your Ufone SIM and get rid of them from your entire life.

In additional, Such unwanted calls and promotional SMS are very annoying and disturb you a lot.

UBlock service charges are Rs 4.48 including tax per week.

Oh, you may be a postpaid customer. Still no need to worry, Ufone knows the values of their customers and also Offer them UBlock service.

Let’s pay only Rs 15 per month and stop anyone from calling or message you.

How to activate Ufone Call Block Service?

We all are tired with too many SPAM calls and SMS. Especially, Nowadays, You have the experience every day you get many promotional SMS and calling from different product sellers.

Thank Ufone to bring such nice service which allows you to block any number (on-net, off-net, Landline Number and even international numbers) to call you.

Ufone gives you the ability to block a total of 40 numbers and add them in the block list. You can block 20 Ufone and 20 other network numbers.

If you want to block more numbers, You have to unlock any old number from the list and add a new one.

Follow these simple steps to block any number.

  • Dial 420 from your mobile phone.
  • Press 1 to view the list of All blocked numbers.
  • Press 2 to add a Ufone or other network number to your blocked list
  • Press 3 to delete any number from your blocked list.
  • Press 4 to unsubscribe the service.
  • You are allowed to add Any number of any Network in your call blocked list
  • You can add a maximum of 20 numbers at one time in the list of Blocked callers
  • But you can remove one number and add another by following the up-mentioned method.

What Message the Blocked caller will listen?

When some try to call you who is already in your block list, They will listen to an automatic voice message “Your dialed number is not receiving your call” or “App ka matloba number call mousool nahi kar sakta”

Why such a service company needs to introduce is just because of PTA. The Pakistan Telecom Authority failed to prevent SPAMing calls in the country.

So, guys, that’s a good service for you to increase your privacy and stay happy with calling.

Terms & Conditions

  • If you will unsubscribe the service, All the blacklist will be removed as well.
  • This service for both prepay and postpaid customers.
  • When you add a number in the blocklist, It will be blocked from calling and SMS.
  • Twenty On-Net and Off-Net Numbers can be added to the Blacklist if you intend to add more numbers you will have to unblock old numbers followed by blocking new/more numbers
  • One number can be blocked and unblocked in one SMS.
  • It is important to follow the commands listed above only
  • In case you opt out of the service by sending unsub to 420 your Blacklist will be removed from U-Block
  • U-Block service will be unavailable during festive events such as EID, 14th August, etc
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

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