How to Check Ufone Number Owner Details

Sometimes you forgot your own Ufone SIM number and want to check its owner details. In this case, Ufone provides you USSD code 2019 to check all the details for your number.

You can also check Ufone number details for your friends or family member if you have their CNIC and of course there Ufone SIM.

Normally, When we buy a new SIM from any shop keeper or franchise, They give you all the details. On the SIM cover, All the information clearly mention. It has a SIM number, code, and all other related information.

Why Need to Check Your Own Ufone Number?

Usually, if you are a new customer of Ufone, You may forget the number. In this case, You should need to know your own number so you can give it your friends and they can reach to you.

Not only this but Your phone number also important when you want to load the balance (Easy load) or want to activate any mobile internet, SMS or calling package.

How to Check Ufone Number with Code

Today we are going to tell you how to check your ufone sim number with code. This system basically allows users to check their own number if they have, for some reason, forget it.

The number can then be shared with their friends and family members so they can save it on their phone. The ufone number check karne ka tarika is very simple and straightforward.

To find Ufone SIM number, You can follow one of below steps:

Step 1:

Dial *780*3# from your handset. You will get a prompt message on your mobile screen within a couple of seconds.


Step 2:

If in any case, The above method not working for you. Dial *1# from your mobile phone and you will get notification on your mobile screen in less than a minute.

Please note: Sometime the second option may not work on a few mobile phones because the code may be different according to different areas.

This is completely free of cost services for checking Ufone number which registers against your SIM card. You will get the information about SIM owner and know the mobile number.

How to Check Ufone Number Owner?

If you want to also find out the number with owner name than this method works well for you. Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has introduced a system which allows you to check your number of SIMs of each mobile operator.
PTA want to keep your security as a priority so it’s important to check your own number or maybe friends or family members.
Simply Follow these steps below:
  • You should have your original ID card and send an SMS your CNIC number(13 digits, with no spaces or dashes) to 668 from your handset.
  • Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) will immediately reply you with a message telling you the number of active SIMs of any operator issued in your name.
  • After receiving the SMS, If you find out any unexpected SIMs on your name, You can contact the nearest customer services center of the relevant mobile network with your original CNIC and mobile phone.
  • Collect the PTA’s designated form, fill out and submit to get rid of all the unwanted numbers from your name within 48 hours of the filed complaint
  • Dailing code will cost you only Rs. 1.00 + Tax.

How to Check Ufone Number Detail?

The Ufone offers you a simple method for both prepay and postpaid customers to check the complete details of Ufone number.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Send a Blank SMS to 667
  • If you have any issue or your mobile phone didn’t support blank SMS, You can write anything and send it to 667.
  • You will get a regular SMS within a few minutes with details of your Ufone number including owner name and CNIC.
  • You will not able to get any information for any SIMs that are not on your own name.
  • It is important to send SMS from the SIM that you know the ownership.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can only check the number of active SIM, Inactive SIMs are not allowed.
  • All the codes can be changed at any time, Make sure to visit Ufone website if above codes not working.
  • If still have any issue, Call 333 Ufone helpline for further information.

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