How to Check Zong Number without Balance 2023

Whenever you want to recharge your Zong prepaid SIM balance, you will need to tell your SIM number to easyload shop. But sometimes, you recently purchased your new Zong or activated the old new that you forgot your SIM number.

In this situation, you are looking for a solution on how to check Zong number without balance 2023 so you can recharge your account.

Well, the simple solution to finding your SIM number is dialing the Zong SIM check code, calling a helpline, or a few more methods I will explain in this article.

How to Check Zong Number without Balance?

If we call on Zong helpline, they will help us to find our SIM number, but this only works when you have a balance on your mobile. But if we don’t have credit on our phone, we have a problem with checking numbers.

Don’t worry. We will discuss different methods here, and you can use anyone. You can even check the Zong number without balance and share the Zong number code.

Zong sim Number Check Karne ka Tarika

Before explaining different methods, Let me guide you on the easiest and free way of checking the Zong number. Follow the given steps:

  • Open phone dialer.
  • Dial *8# from it
  • Wait for a few seconds, and your number will appear on your phone screen.

Note: This method is free of charge. You can search your number without having an account balance. If you are having a problem with the code, you can try *2#

Method 1: Zong Number Code

Most customers have already moved over to the Zong 4G SIM. Hence, the company offers another code for all of those customers. Follow the below steps whether you are a prepaid or postpaid user.

  1. Go to the mobile dialer and open it.
  2. Now dial *100# from it, and your Zong number will appear on your phone screen.

Method 2: My Number Check Code MNP

The MNP is an excellent way of checking the SIM number. You could use this method if the SIM code didn’t work for you. To use this method, you should have a little money in your account because you need to send an SMS to the company. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Open write text message from your phone.
  • Write “MNP” in the message and send it to 667.
  • Wait for a minute, and you will receive a text from the service provider with details about your Zong number. Also, you will know the activation date of the SIM owner’s name.

Note: A standard SMS charge will apply, so make sure you charge your account before using this method.

Method 3: By Calling Helpline 310

The helpline is very friendly, and they solve every problem the customers face. By calling them, you can ask them for your SIM number. To use this method, you must load a mobile card and have a balance for calling.

So dial 310 and talk with the Zong operator and discuss your matter. The representative will ask you for the SIM owner’s name, CNIC, etc., to verify you. After the verification, they will send you an SMS with details of your SIM number.

Note: Standard Zong helpline calling charges will apply.

Method 4: Using Zong Helpline Number

If you don’t want to call, why not make the helpline number into a code to get the number detail. The method is straightforward, and all you need to follow are the steps:

  • Dial *310# from the phone.
  • Select the English language.
  • Next, Select My Account number.
  • After that, reply with My service number.
  • Finally, please reply with a view of my number.

Method 5: Through My Zong APP

I must say the Zong app is one of the best applications. You can find all the packages and offers. Moreover, you can find many services as well. You don’t need to dial codes for essential services; you can see them on the app screen. To check the number, open the app, and you will see your number on the home screen. You will also need the name of a person, expiry date, total balance, and active bundle information.

Method 6: Zong SIM Number Check Karne ka Tarika

There are many methods to find out your Zong SIM number. You can quickly check the number using any technique. We have compiled different ways of checking numbers.

Suppose you have a balance in your SIM, then Zong SIM number check Karne ka Tarika both easy hai. All you have to do is send SMS “MY NO” to 777. The charges are Rs. 2+tax.

In case you don’t have a balance and you are your number. If it is verified, you can try sending “V”  to 7911. For unverified numbers, send blank SMS to 7911


Zong offers excellent packages and services to their customers so everyone can easily use their network. They provide different codes and methods of accessing Zong services. So checking Zong SIM number is one of the most outstanding services from Zong that helps users who forget their number.