How to Reset Jazz 4G Device Password

Learn how to reset Jazz 4G MBB & Bolt+ device Password by using two different methods. If you forget your device interface login or WiFi key then you are on the right post.

Normally we have seen many peoples have a Jazz device but they were not using it for a long time and they forget its WiFi and interface password.

If you are one of them then no worry if you are on this post because here I will provide you the complete guide on how to rest your device so that you can get the default username and password for both interface and WIFI.

Just to mention here, it’s also important to keep changing your device password to prevent it from hacking and saving data consumption.

Furthermore, when we rest the Jazz device, it will become in a genuine state. All the settings you have done will be erased and removed from your device interface.

Maybe you worry about what happened to data volume and the existing package? You don’t need to be a worry at all because your data volume will not be loose and also any package you activated will stay as it is.

Only the device software will be rest so you can easily use the default WIFI and software interface username/password.

How to Factory Reset Jazz 4G WiFi Device

The first method to rest your device is called the factory reset. By using this method, you need to login to your device interface and go to setting to refresh your Jazz device.

Note: This method only works if you know the interface username and password.

Its a simple and easy way and all you need to follow these steps:

Through Web Portal

  • Follow this link to access the web portal of Jazz 4G WiFi Device
  • If the above link not working then you need to connect your device with a laptop or computer and it will automatically open the web portal on your computer.
  • Next, It will ask you to enter the username and password that is “admin”
  • Now you are in the device configuration area.
  • Go to setting -> System -> Restore Defaults -> Reset

Through Mobile Portal

  • Go to this link to access the mobile portal of Jazz 4G WiFi Device
  • Tap Upgrade or Downgrade as per required plan
  • Subscribers will be shifted to a new plan after the expiry of the current plan.

Through Mobile App

  • You can also rest your device by using the Jazz mobile app. You can download the application from Google Play Store.
  • You can easily change all of the basic settings of your device from the app and can reset it by going to the setting menu.

How to Hard Rest Jazz Device Password

The second method is most favorable if you don’t the web port username and password. This method not only rests the web portal login credentials but also reset the WIFI password of your device.

By using this method, you will continue using your device with a default WIFI password. Just to mention here that you can find the default password on the SIM card.

  • Open the cover of your device by pressing it to the opposite side.
  • If you are using the USB Wingle Jazz device then make sure to keep connected with the laptop or any mobile adapter.
  • After that, you can see a small rest button. You can take a PIN and keep pressing this button for about 15 seconds.
  • When you keep pressing it, you will notice the device’s lights start billing. When all the lights turn OFF, you can leave the pressing button.
  • That’s it. Your device successfully rests and now you can apply the default WIFI password to keep using it on your smartphone or laptop.

Remember, it will also do the rest of the web portal username and password. So you can log in with the portal by using the default “admin “username and password.

Did this post help you? Let me know in below comment section if you still have any issues.

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  1. I received jazz 4g device from my company and the internet bundle is already subscribed to it. I just need to activate it. Some people are saying I should reset it. I have reset by using the device reset button. But the internet is still not accessible. Can you tell me how can I activate the device?

    • You need to activate the device SIM through bio-matric to use it. You can also call helpline for further guidline.

  2. The reset button does not seem to be working ⚒ I bought it from someone, the Admin and Admin not working ⚒ the reset button I press and everything is the same no difference what should I do?

  3. I bought new device and it’s default password “admin” is not working ( this password is written on device backside). I want to change password.
    What should I do?

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