Jazz Golden Numbers Price 1000 & Book Online

Jazz starts booking the Golden number online where the users can book the Jazz golden number price of 1000 PKR through an online sale. The company has a wide range of number choices in different codes such as 0300, 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304, 0305, 0306, 0307, and 0308.

Do you want to buy a Jazz Golden number but don’t know how to get it with a minimal fee?

Well, Jazz launches an exclusive golden number auction where every user can participate by paying an entry fee of Rs. 1000/-

In this post, I will guide you on how to do registration as a bidder to enter the auction so you can bid and win the golden number.

Jazz Golden Numbers

You can book Golden number in all Jazz network codes. The most expensive numbers are in the 0300 series whereas the 0309 series are must cheaper. The customer needs to pay PKR 1000 entry fee in order to register as a bidder.

Once the customer register for the auction they can choose a wide range of Jazz Golden Numbers and place their bids. The highest bid is entitled to win the number. Moreover, the Winner of the number will also receive a unique surprise Jazz Gift box along with a Golden SIM card number.

Jazz Golden Number Online Booking

Jazz starts a new auction portal for their customers that allows them to buy a golden number of their choice. By using the portal, the customer needs to bid for premium numbers. The bidders simply need to enroll themselves through the portal by punching in their email address name, CNIC, and mobile number and define the payment method.

Follow the steps to enroll in the auction.

  • Visit the Choose Your Number Jazz portal website.
  • Select a Type such as Normal, Golden Silver, etc.
  • Next select Prefixes such as 0300, 0301, and 0302, etc, and click on the Search button.
  • Now you will see the table with all available numbers with a price. You can choose anyone that you want to buy.

You can also search by Criteria where you can enter your digits.

  • Just go to the Jazz Choose Number portal.
  • Choose Search Criteria
  • Now select Prefix and Criteria.
  • Enter require a number of digits and hit the search button.
  • Here you will see a table with available Golden numbers that you can buy from Jazz.

Jazz Golden Number Price

The price for the golden number depends upon the series and the similar digits. The price range starts from Rs. 500 and goes up to 50,000. But if you buy a number from the Jazz official bidding system then you only need to pay the entry fee and win good digits number.

Jazz Golden Number Price 500

The Jazz VIP number price starts from Rs. 500. You can easily get some good digit numbers in the Jazz silver category. In this category, you will find all the Jazz network codes and book your book that will be delivered to your doorstep.

Jazz Golden Number Price 1000

To get the golden number, first, you just need to pay the entry fee. The fee depends upon the different categories such as normal, golden, platinum, etc. Each category provides you with a different set of digits similarity like 3-digit similarity, 4-digits similarity, and so on. 

According to the latest number series launched by the Jazz officials will cost you Rs. 1000 for each number. The price is very reasonable and worth buying for easy-to-remember digits.

Jazz Golden Number for Sale 2023

As there are limited numbers offered by Jazz officials hence if you need the unique number that you didn’t find in the Jazz auction then you need to buy it from someone else. Many sites are selling the Jazz Golden number. You can also check OLX where the user is selling the number and you can buy it.

Jazz Golden Number List 2022

Available numbersPriceAvailable numbersPriceAvailable numbersPrice

Jazz Golden Number 03000

if you have the budget and looking for a Jazz golden number in premium series code then you can book it from the official Jazz website. They recently added new exciting 3 and 4 similar digits. Jazz offers a special number to both prepaid and posts customers. You simply need to explore the special number from the large collection and book one which you like.

Jazz Golden Number 786

One of the golden numbers is end with 786 and many customers love to buy it. But this number cost is always high due to heavy demand. If you are interested to buy it then register yourself in the Jazz action and apply a bid. Anyone who bid higher will win this number.


So in this post, we guide you on how you can participate in the Jazz action and get the Jazz Golden number at the price of Rs. 1000 only. You can also book different another sliver, a platinum number through an auction.


How can I get Jazz’s choice number?

There is a wide range of choices and options for prepaid and postpaid numbers. You can choose normal, golden, and platinum number from the Jazz auction portal.

What is Jazz Golden Numbers?

The Jazz Golden numbers are premium digits of user choice that the customers can buy from the Jazz portal. The VIP golden numbers are available in all network series codes.

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