Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Subscription Code

For those who need an internet connection but can’t afford the high prices, Jazz offers the best deal. Now the Jazz Super Ghanta Offer is out there at the lowest price.

You can always rely on Jazz’s offer for the cheapest and the best deal. If you have been a loyal customer of Jazz then you will know that they offer the best 4G internet plans. The reason why they are so popular among customers is that they offer some of the best deals.

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Details

The super Ghanta offer also called the Jazz one hour internet offer because it’s only for internet users who need free data. Hence the offer provides 1GB of data upon subscription. The cost of the offer is only Rs. 6 which is way cheap and affordable for everyone.

Due to low cost, this offers famous among the youngster. Most student love to use this offer whenever they need the internet on their smartphone.

Jazz Ghanta Offer *358#

This Jazz super offer can be subscribed to through the code *358# and as well *638# code. Here is the table with complete information about the Ghanta package.

PriceRs. 10.5 Incl. Tax (Rs.12/hr 6PM-10PM) 
Internet1 GB Data
Duration1 hour
To SubscribeDial *638#
To Check StatusDial *638*2#
To InfoDial *638*3#
To Un-SubscribeDial *638*4#

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Code

Jazz often posts its offers on its official Jazz world app which customers can activate with one click. But in case you don’t have to install the application you can use the Super Ghanta Offer code by dialing the *638#. Just make sure you have enough balance before activating the offer.

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Unsubscribe

When you consume all the internet resources then you surely want to unsubscribe to avoid extra charges. Hence Jazz gives you subscribe code for the Super Ghanta offer. You can use the *638*4# code to deactivate the offer at any time.

Jazz Ghanta Call Package

As the Ghanta offers only for internet and users also looking for calling minutes. So the Jazz also brings you Jazz Ghanta Call Package where you will receive 120 minutes for the next hours. It is an unlimited calling offer that cost you Rs. 3.59 only. You can activate the offer by dialing the *3000#

Jazz 2 Ghanta Offer

Another calling package from Jazz is called Jazz Ghanta Call Package which you can subscribe to at rs. 10 only. This offer provides you with 200 minutes for the next hours. 

Jazz 1 Hour Unlimited Internet Package

By using the 1 Hour offer from Jazz you will enjoy unlimited internet for the next one hour. That means you can use any other services, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. on your mobile. 


The Jazz Super Ghanta Offer is very useful for those who don’t have enough money but need internet data. Such customers can subscribe to the Ghanta offer anytime and start using the internet anywhere.


What is Super Ghanta Offer Jazz?

The super Ghanta offer is an internet offer that can be used from 6 PM to 10 PM at the cost of Rs 6 only. By using this offer, the customer can consume 1GB of data for the next hour.

How do I activate Jazz for 1 hour?

You can use the subscription code *638# to activate the Jazz 1-Hour offer.

How can I get 1 GB in jazz?

You can get 1GB of data by using the super Ghana offer at the cheap price of Rs. 6. Just dial the code *638# to activate.