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Are you annoyed by frequent fake calls? Do you want to know the person who is behind all this unease? Did someone steal your phone, and do you want to locate it? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are at the right place!

In this article, we are going to discuss “PakData CF.” It is a SIM database live tracker which helps you find and track a person by phone number. We will discuss its features, benefits, and login details. This infusion tracker is no less than a blessing to keep yourself safe from unforeseen disturbances.

So, keep reading the article to get all your required answers!

PakData CF

PakData CF is one of the best free online tracking tools that give you information about aircraft piles around the globe. This database can find SIM ownership details, live location, and GPS location regardless of the SIM network. It is also a called ID tracker app that can be used to investigate spam calls.

It is a virus-free tracker service and gives the right name and address details of the person whom you are tracking. PakData CF person tracker also enables you to track your own location in GPS maps. In addition, the app also allows you to locate your phone when not in range.

In this fast-paced society, this tracking tool is a must-have!

The Authenticity of PakData CF

PakData CF app is one of the most reliable tracking applications. Most of the applications come and lose their authenticity within a month. Although there are many other live tracking and person tracking applications, PakData stands above all due to its unifying features.

That used to find the person’s cell phone number easily. It fetches all the real-time data collected from telecommunication companies or radar boxes. Indeed, PakData CF live tracking has proved itself to be Pakistan’s most authentic online tracking database to date.

Features of Free PakData CF Tracker

Some unique features of PakData CF enabled it to survive for years. The working manual is user-friendly, and above all, it’s free of cost online application. PakData CF possesses the following features to facilitate its customers:

  • Users can track their exact mobile position by using google maps
  • You can easily download the mobile number tracker
  • All Pakistani phone numbers are traceable
  • You can keep an eye on your kids
  • GPS enabled phone tracker
  • Users can share their current position and a dress with anyone
  • You can get the address as well as longitude and latitude by clicking on any place on the app
  • Also, one can check the lost phone location through phone theft email

Benefits of a Mobile Tracker Application

PakData CF provides you with an online application that you can get on your iOS or Android device. The app uses a radar box to fetch the data of SIM cards and flights. The tracking app collects the information of the SIM Database, including the home address and CNIC details of the person from LiveTracker.

1-Keep an Eye on Your Workers

This online Live tracker works marvelously. You can keep track of anyone in your phone contact list. SIM ownership and mobile GPS location can be easily tracked.

PakData CF helps you keep an eye on your workers when you are not with them. You can easily check whether they are at the workplace or not by GPS tracking. Thus, you will be able to see where they roam about bunking precious working hours. It will keep you updated, and your business will run smoother.

2-PakData CF Network Coverage

PakData CF is compatible with all SIM networks used in Pakistan, including jazz, Telenor, U-fone, Zong, or Warid. The tracker takes the right record of the person, including his CNIC details, address, and name from these companies, and shares them with the finder.

Many telecommunication companies are using the “caller ID identifier” service to collect the right details of the calling person. In this way, you can trace the person who is bothering you by fake calls. No matter which SIM card the fake person is using, this LiveTracker will bring the details of SIM ownership and SIM database to you.

3-Track Your Courier

When you place an order online, you spend many days wondering when it will reach you. But this tracker helps you to track your order all its way to your home.

PakData CF will track the GPS position of your courier, whether it’s coming through TCS, DHL, FedEx, or any other courier service. You can locate your order through this tracker even if these courier companies are providing their own tracking service.

4-Track Your Lost Phone

In case you lose your phone and someone installs a new SIM card in it, this mobile trackers app will send you an email with new SIM card details. It will send you the SIM’s mobile number and provider’s IMEI number through SMS. The app asks you to add some family or friend’s email or phone number that is not in your use.

You can report the SMS or email to recover your phone. In this way, PakData CF will protect you from mobile theft or spam callers. The location of any person, plane, or train becomes easily accessible. This mobile application is easy to use and operate; even you can log in through a browser without using any app.

5-Live Flight Tracker

The flight-tracking option uses a radar service to keep track of all the nearby flights. A regular feeding antenna used by radar boxes has a range of about 100-200 nautical miles (NM). Feeders living in coastal areas add to the live tracker community by making track of overseas flights easier. Due to them, Islands in Iceland, Fiji, and the Azores have become accessible.

Download PakData CF LiveTracker

Anyone can easily download this wonderful application on Smartphone. The process is very simple:

  • Open your device settings and allow third-party applications to avoid any disturbance during installation
  • Search the application by name on your Apple Store, Google Play Store, or APK pure
  • Then click on the install button and wait for the completion

App Privacy

The mobile tracker app uses some information from the phone, such as phone number, cellular network, and accounts added on the phone. This information is necessary for your own phone security. Neither the app uses this information for other purposes, nor does it allow anyone else to do that.

The app makes sure that your privacy is protected. Users are asked to set a password for the app and then every login requires that password. In this way, no one can use the user’s information in software for their wrong intentions.


This article discussed all the startling features of Pakistan’s best tracking app. PakData CF is a specialized live tracker with an in-built secret tracking mode. By using this software, you can track any Android or iOS device’s location and user.

It is high time to make the right choice and download this mobile tracking application. It will save you from many spams and unforeseen troubles.

If you need any sort of assistance regarding the use of PakData CF, do let’s know. We will address all your queries.

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