Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code to Deactivate Services

If you are a Telenor customer and want to deactivate any service from Telenor, you should use the Telenor all packages unsubscribe code. You can also use this code to deactivate any bundle or package activated on your account. This code is very simple to use. You can use it without paying any extra money.

The company offers different services to its customers. It includes internet, voice, and SMS packages that you can use to connect with the world. All such services or bundles require activation according to customer choice. Similar, when you don’t need any of the services, you’ll want to deactivate them. Hence, you need the correct code to unsubscribe from the particular package.

Follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to unsubscribe from all Telenor packages, including SMS/Call/Data bundles. We have also listed down the Telenor codes below, so you can use these codes to get free data on your mobile phone.

Telenor Unsubscribe Code for All Packages

The unsubscription code works only if you want to turn off any service or package before the expiry of the bundle. It plays a vital role in maintaining your Telenor account. Especially when you have an unwanted package active on your account and your mobile balance is cut daily. So it would be best if you unsubscribed to stop it.

One of the reasons is that some of the packages are auto-renew, and once the date passes, the bundle is activated on your mobile phone. If you want to stop the package, you should unsubscribe before it expires.

How to Deactivate Telenor Services

The best way to remove any package from your Telenor account is by using the Telenor App. This is the fast, easy-to-use, and quick way. You can stop any bundle with one click. However, everyone doesn’t have an app installed or a smartphone, so you need a subscription code for service deactivation.

However, there are a few ways that you can use to deactivate Telenor services. Those methods are simple and cost nothing. You can use whoever it is easier for you to use.

  • The Official Unsubscribe Package Code
  • Turn off the bundle in the Telenor APP.
  • Call the Helpline to deactivate the package.

Official Unsubscribe Code for Package

The most commonly used method is the package’s official subscription code. Each package comes with both activation and a deactivation code that you can use to get the bundle information. But the problem is that the code is different for each package, so it can be hard to remember.

We have listed all the popular package codes below. If you didn’t find it, you need to search for it on the official Telenor website.

Offer Name:Deactivate Trick
All Offers UnsubSMS “unsub” to 6006
Smart Tune Service*230*001#
Advance Balance (Loan)1700
Cricket Alerts ServiceUNSUB to 5120
Islamic Alerts ServiceSMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5151
Mobile Academy (Taleem)SMS ‘ Unsub’ to 5224
Telenor News Alerts (info service)Send Unsub to 6006
Missed Call Alerts (Weekly)*345*623#
Missed Call Alerts (60 Days)Send ‘dmca’ to 345
Alert My Caller ServiceSend ‘DAMC’ to 345
Telenor Drama StationSMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5300
Smart Number (Double Num)SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300
Telenor Goonj TV Unsubscribe1700
Sehat Care ServiceSMS ‘UNSUB’ to 6242
Ilaqai Ganay (koyal)SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5995
Telenor teleclips Unsub“Unsub TeleClips” to 8068

Turn off the bundle from Telenor App

If you have a smartphone, then I must say you should use the Telenor APP. It has amazing features and makes sure life is easy. You will be able to find out about all the hidden packages or services and deactivate them with one touch.

The application is free of cost, and everything on your figure is tips. You can quickly trigger any calls, SMS, or internet offer or switch it off.

Follow these steps for deactivation:

  • Launch the Telenor App.
  • Scroll down to “Usage Remaining” to see your current resource status.
  • Click on “View All Usage”
  • Now you will see the activated packages.
  • Just hit the unsubscribe button next to the package.

Deactivate by calling the Helpline

Sometimes the above mentioned methods didn’t work, or some background bundles were activated, and you didn’t know about them. This is sometimes really unknowing, and you should want to stop it. One of the hidden services can be a call tune, which takes a lot of balance daily.

You should call Helpline and ask them to remove the background service or package. Calling the Helpline will charge you a small amount, but in the end, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Telenor Helpline345

Package Deactivation Charges

There are no charges applicable for sailing any of the un-subcodes. However, if you call Telenor support, you have to pay Rs. 2 + tax per call.


This post discussed the subscription code for Telenor packages and how you can deactivate the services. I hope you find this post useful and helpful. If you are still not able to deactivate any of the bundles, then let me know, and I will try my best to help you.

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