Telenor Share Balance Code 2023 | Telenor Smart Share

Telenor’s newly created service Smart share is a new way of Telenor Balance sharing with friends, relatives, and family. You can also use this service by using the Telenor Balance share code which you have to dial from your phone.

If your knowing person is out of credit and he/she wants to make a quick call then you can help them by transferring your phone balance. In this way, your relatives will not disconnect from others and they can easily talk whenever they need.

Although there are few working methods that can be used to find balance share Karne ka Tarika. We are going to list all the possible ways so you can pick and choose one that is easy for you.

How to Share Telenor Balance to Others

The method of Telenor balance share is very easy. You can perform that task using the USSD code or can use the Telenor application.

All the ways are easy to use but It allows Telenor to Telenor balance share. You can use any of the methods to share balance from Telenor to Zong, Jazz, Ufone, or Warid.

It is important for you first you know what are the best methods that work for balance share Telenor so you can easily use any of them.

  • Telenor Balance Code *1*1
  • Tansfer Telenor Balance Through App.
  • Send Balance Via SMS

Via Sharing Code

The simple and widely used method for smart sharing is called Telenor balance share code. You can use this method and make sharing balance to anyone within a few minutes.

If you are using Telenor prepaid SIM then you can do balance share Telenor activation as given below. Just follow the instructions carefully and transfer the balance to anyone.

Let’s say we want to share Rs. 50 and the code example will be like *1*1*NUMBER*Amount#

  • Open phone dailer pad
  • Write *1*1*92345xxxxxxx*50# and press OK button
  • To confirm select “Reply” and type “1”
  • Now Press send button.
  • You will be charged 5.98 (Incl. of tax) per transaction for balance share through Telenor network.

The minimum amount limit is Rs. 20 and the maximum of Rs. 200 allows sharing with a prepaid number. To activate/deactivate the Smart Share service, dial *710# (No charges for dialing *710#).

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Transfer Balance Via App

Telenor app is the more innovative way to share Telenor balance. With one click you can perform balance sharing. All you have to enter the phone number of the person with who you are sharing your mobile balance.

To know how to share balance from Telenor to Telenor you can follow the steps and make transfer easy and error-free.

  • Open the Telenor app if you already installed it.
  • Login into an app through your Telenor number.
  • Click on “Share Balance” icon that located at home screen.
  • Enter phone number in reciever’s mobile number field.
  • Next type the amount in the amount field.
  • After clicking the share balance, your balance will be shared.
Telenor Balance Share Via App

Send Balance via SMS

Telenor smart share also introduces the SMS service for transferring the mobile balance to other users. You can use this service if any one of above mention methods didn’t work for you.

By using the Telenor SMS balance sharing service you can request your friend to share his/her balance with you. For this, you can send SMS to 6388 by writing Telenor number.

If the receiver really wants to share his money with you he will then reply with the YOTPO amount. The charges of SMS Rs. 0.96 paise apply.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Telenor balance share limit is Rs. 200 at one time.
  • Telenor balance transfer is only for prepaid users.
  • RS. 5.98 will be deducted beside the sharing amount.
  • You can share your balance a maximum of 10 times a day.


Hope you find useful information on this post and can now easily perform smart share and make your friends happy. Any question regarding Telenor balance sharing can be posted in the below comment and I can do my best to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the customer allow to share credit with any Telenor number?

Yes, The Telenor family member allows sending their mobile balance with all Telenor Pakistan Prepaid numbers.

Does Smart Share allow Telenor number abroad?

Smart Share is currently limited to Telenor Prepaid connections in the following international locations where Telenor offers international roaming on prepaid subscription:

Can we send the balance to a customer who just bought a Telenor SIM?

If you try to send an amount to a friend but you get a notification its’ failed. That means he just bought a SIM. The smart share sends or receives on Telenor number that has been recharged at least once through scratch cards.

Does Smart Share extend my connection validity periods like a scratch card and Easyload?

No, Smart Share does not extend the validity/expiry period of your Telenor Prepaid connection. Your validity period remains the same. Hence, you must recharge through scratch cards or easy load to save your connection from expiry if your validity period is expiring.

Will I get my money refunded by Telenor if I mistakenly transfer the balance to the wrong number?

No, you are responsible to write both, the correct amount you want to share and the number you want to transfer it to.