How to Check Telenor SIM Number In 2023

One problem that Telenor customers can face is that the customers often forget their Telenor SIM number. If you want to check Telenor SIM number then this post will help. I will also tell you the Telenor number check code that you can use to easily find out your own SIM number.

Telenor offers a variety of SIMs to its customers. These can be Internet SIMs, MBB, Postpaid, and business SIMs are included.

When we talk about Telenor Number Check Karne ka Tarika we offer comes with five different ways to check Telenor Sim number. We have listed all the methods below and you can use anyone that is convenient for you for checking the Telenor number.

How to Check Telenor SIM Number

It is often seen that people forget their Telenor SIM number and they know how to find the SIM number. That is why I have written some simple solutions which are very important in extracting your Telenor number. By using them you can easily get your SIM number.

I have mentioned all the procedures that can be used to check Telenor number of yours. You can easily get your number using any one of them.

  1. Send SMS to 7421 to get the number
  2.  Call 7421 to check the number
  3. By Miss call to another number
  4. Using My Telenor App
  5. Through Website


To simplest way to view the Telenor number is by going to the Message write option. From here send a message “My no” or blank. Within a few seconds after sending SMS you will get the sim number in reply without SMS charges.

Via Call

Give a call at 7421 IVR free of charge and after the end of the call, you will receive your number through SMS.

Through Missed Call

Give a miss call from your number to any other number such as friends or family members. By doing so your SIM number will be avaiable in the form of missed calls on another phone number where you made a call.

Also Check:

Via My Telenor App

  • Download and install the My Telenor app
  • Open the My Telenor app
  • Click on the Start button
  • Your Telenor number will visible on the Telenor app home screen. From here you can view and note it down easily.

Via Live Chat (Website Online)

The easiest method of checking your Telenor SIM number is through an online webchat. You can talk with a Telenor representative online and discuss your matter. The chat is available on Telenor’s official website.

  • Visit the Telenor official Customer Care supports by following this link.
  • Enter your name and some other mobile number
  • Then click ‘Start Chat’ button
  • Start typing your query and give them the information that representative will ask you. He will ask you name, CNIC and IMSI number.
  • After checking the details, the representative will then provide you with your Telenor number and detail.

Telenor Number Check Codes

TelenorFreeEmpty SMS to 7421
TelenorFreeCall on the 7421

By using above mention method, hopefully, you will be able to check your Telenor sim number. If you still having issues regarding checking the number then tell me in the below comments. If you like the post don’t stop yourself from helping others by sharing it on social profiles.


How can I check my Telenor SIM number?

By dialing code: *8888# You will get your Telenor sim number on your mobile screen for free.

How can I check my SIM number?

Go into Settings.
Tap About Phone.
Tap Status.
Tap SIM Card Status.
Scroll down to ICCID. This is your SIM card number.

How can I check my Telenor number 2021?

One another method is call to Telenor 345 ask them to check your Telenor number, give them the above three details, and they will provide you with your Telenor sim number.

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