Telenor Snack Video Package in Just Rs. 40

Video applications around the World getting much popularity nowadays. One of the recently launched app Snack become popular when TikTok ban in Pakistan. So the 4G internet companies think to brings some unique offers for Video recording lovers.

Telenor Pakistan finally launches a brand new offer called Telenor Snack Video Package where you will get 2GB of data for a whole month. The offer is only for prepaid SIM users of Telenor but Talkshak and Djuice can also avail of the offer at the same price.

Telenor called this offer entertainment offer because it is useable only on the Snack video app. The customers can record the video and then upload it into their account using the monthly entertainment offers. For more, you can watch other users’ videos and download them within the data limit.

Why Need Telenor Snack Offer?

It’s not must need that you should subscribe to the Snack offer on your Telenor SIM to use it. There are many more packages and offers available from Telenor that you can use and still enjoy the Snack video content on your smartphone.

But, The special Snack bundle helps you to reduce the cost. You can get this offer relatively at less price as compared to general internet package. Any package that gives you freedom over the limitation can cost more. So it is important you should subscribe to specific bundles if you are concerned about a specific application.

How to Subscribe to the Telenor Snack Video Package?

Subscription of the Telenor Snack Video offer is very easy and simple. As you may know, Telenor adds its all-new packages on its mobile apps. So you can easily activate snacks or any other bundle from the app.

Besides the app, You can also activate the offer through a code. Follow the steps to activate the bundle on your Telenor SIM.

  • Offer Recharge Required: Rs. 40/-
  • Telenor Snack Offer Subscription Code: Dial *121#
  • Validity: 30 Days.
  • All Telenor customers are eligible for this offer.

Note: With the help of this amazing deal you can also enjoy Telenor Snapchat Offer, TikTok, Likee, and Snackvideo without additional cost but stay within the 2GB data limit.

Snack Mobile Data2 GB (Valid only for Snackvideo)
How to Subscribe/UnsubscribeDial *121#
Validity30 Day

Terms & Conditions

  • With the Snack Telenor bundle, you can watch, download and upload the videos.
  • Recording of video is permitted.
  • You can subscribe to the bundle more than one time.
  • Multiple subscriptions allow but they will not merge. Resources and Validity will stay separate.
  • Telenor reserves the right to change the package terms and conditions.
  • The billing system of Telenor allocates avaiable of data in MBs from your package when you access the Snack application.
  • Usages of resources will be notified when you reach 80% and 100% resources.
  • if you fear the accidental usages charges then you can activate the supplementary offer by Dailing *503# at Rs. 5 with 500 Mbs
  • Supplementary offers can’t available more than once a month.
  • Snack Telenor video package available for all network sites such as 2G/3G/4G
  • Speed of video upload and download depending upon multiple factors.
  • Get a fast speed, make sure you use the Telenor SIM in Slot One.
  • Call setup charges are not applicable for this offer.

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