Today Telenor Question Answers 08 April 2022

Many of you know, all the mobile network companies launch their mobile app to manage and activate the different internet bundles from your mobile phone. But do you know they also give a chance to win free MBs every day?

But how? Well, you have to find today Telenor Question Answers from the test my skill section which is the feature of Telenor my app.

Without wasting your time let’s quickly take a look at the list of questions that ask by Telenor.

Why Anwsers Today Telenor Questions?

My Telenor App Answer Today Quiz today posted a new set of questions. You can find all of these quizzes from the App and can easily Win up to 100 MBs every day by answering them. Telenor posts different sets of questions every day on the App and you can answer them to Win free gift.

All of these questions are on general topics and are mostly related to Pakistan’s history & geography. However, there are five questions posted each day and if you can answer all of them correctly you can Win more Telenor data. If you answer wrong for some of the questions you can still Win MBs but less than 100 MBs.

How to find Today Telenor Questions?

Telenor posts the Quiz on its phone application. You can get them from my Telenor answer today section. If you haven’t installed the app then why not do it now and take benefit of the My Telenor App Offer where you will get free 2GB internet. What are you waiting for? This is the right time buddy to enjoy some freebies.

Hey, You already installed the Telenor app? Then let’s go to the Telenor APP Quiz section and test your skills and win free MBs. You can easily find the quiz section on the home page of the app. Simply click on “Test your skill” and it will redirect you to the section where all the questions are listed.

Now you need to answer each question one by one. Each Quiz is listed at the top of the mobile screen then below a reference picture included so you can get an idea of this question about what.

You will be given four options to choose one. When you choose an option, it will tell you whether your answer is right or wrong. A “Correct Answer or Wrong Answer” message will be listed above the choosing options.

After that, press next to get the next question. Once you press the next button you will not able to revert back. So make sure your answer is 100% correct before moving to the next one.

Telenor Today Quiz

Every day the question is different and Telenor posts the different questions on their app. You can answer all of them to Win more data. You should have good knowledge of the history of Pakistan to answer them. But a few questions can be an international target so you also have knowledge about it.

Today’s Quiz is related to Pakistan’s history and you can easily answer them if you know a little bit about Pakistan. Just to mention here, every day a new set of questions is posted and no question will be repeated.

My Telenor App Answer/Questions

The Telenor app isn’t just for winning data while answering but also has wondrous features. You can load the mobile balance and find valuable internet packages. Similarly, you can activate the Easy Card. Not only this but you can also do shopping online and get amazing deals with discount prices.

Telenor App Quiz is just a newly added feature that has become popular among customers because of free data. This is a great facility for Telenor users who are always on a short budget and looking for free Gifts. So now such customers can use Telenor Android or iOS app on their smartphone and use this Quiz service to enjoy the free volume.

Win Free Internet Data from Telenor

Besides the Telenor Quiz Play and Win, you can also get free data by using the Telenor application. All you need to open the app on your smartphone every day and enjoy free MBs.

If you haven’t installed the app you can do it right now and get up to 500 MBs. Also, there is a special gift for customers who always active the bundle from my Telenor app. This Gift is hidden and it depends on your activity on the My Telenor App. You can Win free on-net minutes and free internet data. So keep using the app and enjoy more and more.

Enjoy Free Daily Reward

Telenor also has a reward section that doesn’t require playing any gamer and no need to answer any question. In this section, you can get a free MBs daily bonus just for using their application. This reward is a fixed amount of 20Mbs each day and is available every 24 hours in 7 days a week.

Question 1: You find someone’s phone unlocked. What would you do?

  • Lock it
  • Return it
  • Use it
  • A and B

Answer: A and B

Question 2: On finding someone’s lost wallet, ethically what should you be looking for in it?

  • Pictures
  • Money
  • Identity
  • Letters

Answer: Identity

Question 3: You buy something for your local vendor and he accidentally gives you extra change. What would you do?

  • Keep it
  • Wait
  • Argue
  • Return it

Answer: Return it

Question 4: You’re sitting in a bus which is completely filled. An elderly man/woman enters the bus. what achai can you do?

  • Leave
  • Stay put
  • Give up seat
  • Ask to leave

Answer: Give up seat

Question 5: In summers placing which of these outside would be an achai ka trend for wildlife?

  • Cages
  • Water bowl
  • Grains
  • Traps

Answer: Click to check Answer

You can receive this gift by simply sharing the balance with any person and using the My Hub share balance service to get the rewards.

Today my Telenor Quiz

To win today’s free data from Telenor, here is the question that Telenor asking you on their app. I included the answers to all the questions so you can easily enjoy 50 MBs.

Following are the Today Telenor Quiz Answers that you can give and get free mobile data. You can use this data for Youtube or any other social media. There is no limitation on data use.


The free data is only available when you answer all the questions correctly. If you miss any question or put the wrong answer then you will not able to get any free data. Please note that the data validity for Telenor Quiz Today is the same day and will expire at 12:00 O’Clock. You will get a new set of questions after 12:00 O’Clock and then you can answer again to win more data.