Zong Handset Offer 2023 Free 12GB Internet

Zong collaboration with top smartphone companies in Pakistan. With this partnership, they launch a brand new offer called Zong Handset offer. This phenomenal deal come up with 12GB free Zong internet bundle when you buy a new smartphone from Infinix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Tecno

There is no condition on from where you buy a device. Whether you can buy a mobile online or offline you can still get 12GB of free mobile data. Additionally, you don’t need to buy a device from Zong’s official website. You can buy it from anywhere in Pakistan and enjoy free data.

Zong’s new mobile offer is didn’t cost you and you also don’t need to load balance. All you have is Zong prepaid or postpaid SIM. You simply need to add your Zong SIM to your cellphone before turn ON your new phone.

Furthermore, the Zong Collaboration bundle isn’t limited to specify models of all Infinix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Tecno company phones. You can get the free phone data on all of their respective models. You can buy any mobile from these company phones and enjoy the free internet resources.

Just to mention here you will not get any calling or SMS freebies and for this, you need to active respective bundle. As for free mobile data you don’t need to recharge your account before using the internet.

How to Get Free 12GB Data with Zong Handset Offer

Getting 12GB free internet with Zong smartphone offer is available for both new and existing ZONG users. Anyone who buys ZONG’s partner handset models/Brands is eligible for this fabulous data offer.

When we talk about data validity then it comes with different validity. It depends upon the smartphone company and model. Some of the smartphone models come with 3 month data expiry data and others will have 6 month expiry.

So this means you can’t consume all the 12 data in the month because you will not give 12GB data for one month rather than it will be divided into 4GB buckets. Yep, you will get 4GB for each month, and when after 30 days you will get another set of 4GB so in three months you will get a total of 12GB.

Similarly, if a phone comes with 6 month validity you will get 4GB each month and it will be a total of 24 GB of free phone internet data but that’s only for a few smartphones.

How to Activate Zong Exclusive Handset Offer

When you purchase any model from Infixix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Tecno, you will be able to avail of this exclusive free mobile data offer.

For activation of the offer follow these simple steps:

  • First, put Zong 3G/4G SIM into SIM Slot 1.
  • Remember SIM Slot 2 will not work and you will not get this offer.
  • After that, you need to Dial *4114#
  • Wait for few minutes and you will get the confirmation message about the activation of the offer.
  • If you still didn’t get the data or any message the make sure to dial *102# or *102*4# to check your internet data.
  • Another option you can wait for 7 workdays and hopefully u will get free data.
  • Still having a problem then call helpline 310

FREE Data on the Purchase of New Smartphone

Some of the key points you should take a look at when you buy a new smartphone. You should consider them before activation of the offer.

  • Offer Recharge Required: Rs. 0/-
  • Zong 12GB Free internet code: *4114#
  • Bundle Validity 90 days.
  • All Zong prepaid and postpaid customers are eligible for this offer.
Mobile Data Volume12 GB (4GB Each Month)
How to Subscribe/UnsubscribeDial *915#
Validity30 Day

Get 6GB Additional On Installing My Zong APP

If you just buy a new smartphone and previously you are using a feature phone or you havn’t used the my Zong app then you are also qualify for the additional 6GB offer.

After getting the new phone you simply need to go Google play store and install the Zong mobile application on your cell phone to avail the Zong my App offer.


Who can get this free ZONG Data offer?

Anyone who buys Zong’s partner smartphone models/brands is eligible for this offer.

Which customers are eligible for this offer?

All the new and existing Zong users can enjoy this amazing deal.

When I will get the Free Data on my Smartphone?

As soon as your handset IMEI number is registered on the Zong network you will get the offer and it will be activated automatically.

How to Register on Zong Network?

For registration, you simply need to make a voice call from your ZONG’s partnered Handsets and your IMEI number will be registered on the network. The user will receive free data within 7 days and a confirmation SMS will be sent.

What is the Validation, Duration, or Time limit of Free received data?

Free Zong Internet data is allocated on monthly basis. Some smartphones are eligible for three months and some for six months. You can get information regarding the free data eligibility of each model from the Handset Page by clicking on “more details” for each Handset shown.

Does free data available on both SIM slots?

 Yes, it works on both SIMS IMEIs but most of the handsets only enable SIM slot 1 is 4G/3G. So to avoid any inconvenience it is advised to use your ZONG SIM in slot 1.

Changing the SIM slot will affect the eligibility of data?

You will only get the free data on the SIM Slot it was first received. In case of moving the SIM slot, the previous data will be canceled.

Can I transfer data to my friends or other Zong customers?

No, You can’t do that, and data is not transferable.

Can I use this bundle on another smartphone as well?

No, You can’t change your handset and if you do that, the previously activated bundle will be canceled.

How I can buy ZONG infinixHandsets?

You can buy this handset from their official sellers. The ZONG handset partnerships program is done with International Brand Manufacturers such as Infinix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, and Huawei, etc.

Warrant and Repairs Claim

Both warranty and repairing of the handsets is the responsibility of Manufacturers. You can get support from official distributers from where the Handset is purchased. All official devices have warranty cards present in the boxes which contain addresses of their respective after-sales service centers.

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