Zong Monthly YouTube & TikTok Offer

Yet another awesome offer from Zong has introduced for its customers. Now they bring you Zong Monthly Youtube & TikTok offers for users who love video content. The bundle comes with 30 GB of big volume that you can use for both applications.

Actually, the offer allows you to use 15 GB for Tiktok and Youtube. The reset of 15 GB, you can use it for any kind of web content or social media apps. It’s all about you how you want to use the data.

Nowadays both Youtube and Tiktok are the most popular applications not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. So if you love to watch and create videos then this is the bundle for you.

It’s a kind of unique offer and Zong Pakistan No #1 data network knows the values of its customers. They know what their customers need and they always bring that.

Zong Youtube and Tiktok package is two in one bundle that is perfect for video content lovers. Not only this, but it also comes with a heavy internet data volume which allows you to enjoy endless streaming.

The bundle comes with heavy data of 30GB which is quite massive. You will get 15GB to explore video content over Youtube and watch your favorite videos.

Another set of 15GB solely for Tiktok to watch and create your own Tiktop videos. So let’s enjoy both video content applications whenever you want for a whole month.

The cost of the package isn’t high and you need you to load Rs. 1000 to active the Youtube monthly and Tiktok package. The actual price of the offer is Rs. 744 + Tax.

Enjoy Both YouTube & TikTok with Monthly Offer

The Zong Monthly YouTube & TikTok Offer is a kind of package that everyone going to love because of data volume and access to the top most popular applications. With the offer, you will enjoy all the features of both the application.

Furthermore, you are not limited to the timing and the data volume available for 24 hours. That’s another great thing about this offer.

TikTok Offer: Do you want more data ? Here is Zong Weekly TikTok Offer that comes with a handsome amount of 2GB to enjoy all week.

In Case you you want to use Tiktok on daily bases then Get Zong Daily TikTok Code from here.

After introducing this bundle, you don’t need to go with expensive internet packages which you were activating only for Youtube or Tiktok. Now you have a separate bundle at an affordable price.

Just Dail *6# to activate this monthly TikTok and Youtube package right now.

Offer PriceRs.744 + Tax
Recharge RequireRs.1000
Youtube Data15GB
TikTok Data15GB
Validity30 Day

Free Incentives:

  • You will get 15GB of free data volume along with this offer.
  • You will also get 15GB of data for TikTok use.

How to Active offer:

  • To active the TikTok & Youtube bundle for a whole month, You need to Dial *6#


  • The cost of the YouTube & TikTok Offer is Rs.1000/- including all Taxes.


  • This offer is valid for only 30 days.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is available for all Zong subscribers including Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB & Internet SIM
  • This offer isn’t auto-recursive and you need to activate it again if needed.
  • Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA