Zong Weekly TikTok Offer Code & Price

Zong brings Weekly TikTok Offer to enjoy 2GB of data for a whole week. This bundle costs you Rs. 35 (incl. tax) which is reasonable and affordable for everyone.The offer allows access over the Livestream to the TikTop application to record the video. Nothing only this but also watch as many videos as you want.Most Pakistani love to use this application to make a video with their friends and share their reviews and thoughts. It’s full of fun and entertainment applications.The youngest generation mostly activates on TikTok to make a video about different topics like comedy, music, dramas, fun, joke, and many more.

How to Activate Zong Weekly TikTok Offer

  • Offer Recharge Required: Rs. 50
  • Subscription Code: *606#
  • Validity: 7 Days

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Terms & Conditions

  • Data are only useable on TikTok.
  • No other app such as Youtube etc allows use.
  • If you use any other app, it will cost you as per the default rate or resources from any activate bundle.
  • There is no time limit and you are allowed to use the offer all day long.
  • Prepaid GSM users are only eligible for the offer.
  • The postpaid customers can’t subscribe to it.
  • The maximum data value is 2GB that is 2048 MBs.
  • Over the data limit will charge you extra as per default rates ie Rs. 1/MB.
  • Any free traffic doesn’t include third-party advertising.
  • You can download, upload, or view the videos over TikTok.
  • Accessing third party videos in the app didn’t include in this offer.
  • This Zong Tiktok Weekly package isn’t auto-recursive and will not automatically subscibe after a week.
  • Resubsccipion requires after a week if you want to continue to use TikTok.
  • Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification –PTA
  • Don’t send Unwanted or unethical SMS. It can be reported by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies


How can I use TikTok for free?Tiktok is totally free of cost app. You need to sign up and create an account by downloading from the Google App store. Once you installed, open the app and swipe up to explore your feed. But you can’t use it without a data connection or internet package activated.How do I get TikTok packages?Zong brings you a Weekly TikTok package for their prepaid users. It’s a good offer that Zong put in the market.How to Activate Weekly TikTok Package?
  • First, you need to Dial *606# from your handset.
  • OR you can SMS (SUB WTTO) to 6123.
  • IVR: Yes.
  • My Zong App: Yes.
  • *310#: Yes.
  • 310 IVR: Yes.
How can I unsubscribe from the Zong TikTok package?
  • You can easily unsubscribe from the offer by dialing *606# or send SUB WTTO to 6123.
  • Unsub command: UNSUB WTTO to 6123.