How to Check SIM Number Through CNIC

It is very easy for a person to check SIM numbers through CNIC in today’s digital Pakistan. Many people want to check their mobile SIM number and the quantity of SIM cards registered in their name. There are specific reasons behind this query.

Since the arrival of smartphones in Pakistan, crimes have taken digital forms. From the year 2000 onwards, many crimes were reported that took place by the use of unverified SIM cards. Since 2009, PTA has been using a verification process in which SIM cards are registered on the CNIC of the relevant person. Due to this digitalization and biometric verification, it has become easier to trace any SIM card through a person’s CNIC or vice versa.

This article will discuss all SMS and online methods by which all kinds of SIM users can check their SIM number through CNIC.

Before getting into the detail you know your CNIC number if you don’t know then you can check the CNIC number using a mobile number. Anyway, Are you Interesting to know the methods? Keep reading!

How to Check Jazz SIM Number Through CNIC?

Jazz users can’t check the sim number through CNIC directly. The telecommunication company doesn’t answer this query via msg. Instead, you need to ask the server to give you the required details. But there charge nothing for this service. Follow the following steps:

  • Call Jazz helpline 111 or dial the code *99#
  • Add your CNIC number on getting that option by server
  • Wait for a few minutes; the server will provide you with the sim number

Note: Don’t add any special character, such as dashes between CNIC digits. It won’t let the application procedure.

How to Check the Zong SIM Number Through CNIC?

Zong is an international telecommunication company and delivers quality services to its subscribers. If you are a Zong user, then you can easily check your SIM number through CNIC by an SMS. But this application will cost you standard charges. Follow these steps;

  • Open your message box and type the letter “V.”
  • Send the text to 7911 via your Zong number
  • Within a few seconds, you will receive a message containing a list of all Zong biometrically verified numbers against your CNIC

How to Check Telenor SIM Number Through CNIC?

Telenor is also not giving SMS service to check your SIM number. You need to make a call with their operator, and he will guide you accordingly. Standard charges would be deducted for this call.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Open the dialer of your phone and dial Telenor helpline number “345.”
  • Ask the operator about your query
  • You will get a list of numbers registered on your CNIC

How to Check the Ufone SIM Number Through CNIC?

Ufone provides the facility of checking SIM numbers to its users by just sending a message. The users can follow these steps to get the list of verified and unverified numbers against their CNIC.

  • Open the messaging app on your phone
  • Send your CNIC number to “6001.”
  • Don’t put dashes between your CNIC digits
  • Wait for a little. You will get the list of your registered Ufone numbers

How to Check the Warid SIM Number Through CNIC?

Although Jazz and Warid have now merged into each other, you can get help by helpline of any of these. Warid users can get their SIM numbers via SMS service. It will cost you subtle charges.

Follow the given steps to check your Warid number through CNIC:

  • Write your CNIC number in your message box
  • Then, send this message to “789.”
  • You will receive a reply within a few seconds
  • It will read all your registered Warid numbers

Helpline Numbers of Telecommunication Companies in Pakistan

Until now, we have discussed the methods for checking sim numbers via CNIC for all SIM owners. But if you still can’t check your number or facing some problem, then you may contact the company’s helpline. We are listing helpline numbers of all famous telecommunication companies in Pakistan for your ease.

Company NameHelpline

But making a call to the helpline will be more than enough for you. You may also visit your SIM company’s franchise to solve all your queries. These simple methods save you from the hassle of visiting franchises again and again.

Method to Check the Number of SIMS Registered Through CNIC

Not only the SIM numbers, but users can also check the number of SIMs registered against their identity card. In this way, you will know how many SIMs you own and are in records of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). You can check the number of registered SIMs either through or a message or a website.

Let’s discuss both methods!

Message Method:

Whichever SIM you have, send a message containing your CNIC number or passport #f to “668”. Make sure that the CNIC number doesn’t contain any dashes or mistakes. You will instantly receive a message telling you the number and names of the SIM cards you own. It will cost you Rs 2+ tax.

Online Method:

If you want to check the number of SIMs registered through CNIC online, then visit this website. PTA backs this website. Shortly, you will see a list of SIMs you own, along with their company names. You just need to put your CNIC number there.

If you have a SIM that doesn’t show here implies that the SIM is either not registered or bought on someone else’s CNIC.


How many SIMs can be issued on a person’s CNIC?

Every citizen can own a maximum of 5 SIM cards. The SIMs can be of any telecommunication company, but the number can’t exceed five.

How to check the number of SIMs registered on a CNIC?

If you want to know how many SIMs are registered on your CNIC, visit

How to check the SIM owner number on your mobile?

To check the SIM owner’s name, send a blank message to 667 by your mobile. All SIM holders can check SIM owners through this method.

What if my registered SIM is in someone else use?

If you come to know that some unknown person is using the SIM card registered on your CNIC, then take quick action. Contact your network provider and ask to block the SIM. You may also file an online complaint by sending an email to

Final Words

We hope you got your queries answered. It was all about “how to check SIM number through CNIC”? Do check your registered SIMs and their numbers following the above-given methods.

Because everyone should have basic information about their SIM cards to avoid any kind of criminal allegations. Plus, a person can only get a SIM card in Pakistan by giving his CNIC number. The card is then registered on that CNIC, and all the details are on record. PTA saves all your telecommunication information and addresses all your queries. Follow their methods to answer all your questions and stay safe!

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