Check SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number

The small SIM card in your phone’s SIM jacket is the soul of your mobile. Every SIM card owner should have complete information about his SIM card details such as SIM owner number, verification status, CNIC registration, etc.

In earlier times, people didn’t need to register their SIM cards on their CNICs. A single person in the family used to buy SIM cards for all on his name. But this scenario increased the ratio of crimes performed by unauthorized SIM cards.

Today, you must register your SIM and know all the details of your SIM card to keep your privacy intact. If you are using some relative’s SIM and want to convert it to your name or withdraw a new SIM card, you must know your SIM owner details.

We have listed various methods of checking SIM owner names by mobile numbers for all these reasons. Keep reading to solve your queries.

Method to Check the SIM Owner Name by using a Mobile Number

You can easily check the SIM owner’s name using CNIC or just by using your mobile phone. No matter which SIM card you are using, you can get this service by just sending an SMS. Telenor, Ufone, Jazz, Warid, or Zong customers can follow these simple steps to check the owner details of their SIMs.

  • Open the messaging app on your phone and send a blank SMS to “667.”
  • If your phone doesn’t allow sending empty messages, then write any random thing in the text
  • It is better to write and send MNP to get the required MNP details
  • Make sure that you are sending SMS from the same SIM whose owner name is required
  • In a short while, you will receive a reply from the system containing owner details
  • The details may include the name of the SIM owner, his registered address, and CNIC details

Important Points:

While using the above-said method to check SIM owner name by mobile number, keep these conditions in mind.

  • This service may cost you standard charges (PKR 2+tax)
  • You can use this method only for your active SIM; an inactive SIM card might not respond
  • Telecommunication companies may change their codes from time to time. Therefore, it’s recommended to check their official website in case of any error
  • Also, you can call the company’s helpline for further clarification
  • The helpline operator will give you the details such as the registered SIM number, its owner name, and the current location of that SIM

Alternative Method

If you need the owner’s name urgently and this messaging method is not working for you, you may try some alternatives. You can either visit your SIM company’s franchise or call the office of your network service provider.

The expert in the franchise will find you all the relevant details in a few minutes. Similarly, the service provider will instantly tell you your SIM’s registration status and the owner’s details. Both of these methods work, but we recommend you make a call.

Helpline Numbers:

We are listing the helpline numbers of all famous Pakistani telecommunication companies for your convenience. Save them to get quick assistance now and for future use. Calling their helpline will save you from the hassle of visiting franchises in person.

  • Jazz helpline: 111
  • Telenor helpline: 345
  • Ufone helpline: 333
  • Warid helpline: 321
  • Zong helpline: 310

How Can Jazz Users Check the SIM Owner Name for Free?

Jazz is a very famous telecommunication company in Pakistan with millions of subscribers in the country. The company has always been giving quality services to its users. In addition to the above SMS method, jazz SIM owners can check the SIM details without even paying any standard charges. Following are the two free methods that you can follow;

1-Dial Code:

If you have a prepaid jazz SIM, then dial *4443#. In case of postpaid SIM, dial *777#. Following the operator’s instructions, first dial 6 and then 1. They will tell you the SIM owner’s name, mobile number, and CNIC number within a few seconds.

2-Install Application:

It is the best online way that serves the purpose for jazz users. All you need to do is install and sign in to the Jazz World application on your phone. You will see the SIM number and SIM owner’s name on the home screen.

How to Check the SIM Owner’s Name Online

If you want to check the name of the SIM owner online by using its mobile number, then read this paragraph carefully. Actually, many android applications and software are there on the Internet for this purpose. They ask you to write the SIM number and then instantly provide the owner details.

But the thing is, many of these applications are not approved by PTA. It implies that your data can even be hacked or stolen by using such unregistered software. If you want to try this method, it’s your choice, but we don’t recommend that.

SIM Owning System by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

PTA has announced definite registration, verification, and authorization procedures for SIM cards. They say that if someone wants to revise or rename his SIM card for any reason, then it will be first checked by NADRA and then by the biometric verification system (BVS). After meeting the registration requirements and giving a biometric check, SIM will be awarded to the user.

You will need to give specific details such as your name, address, and CNIC number, etc. In case of any complaints against the SIM company, you can contact PTA via email.

Is it Ok to Find the SIM Owner’s Details?

Broadly speaking, it’s not an offense to check someone’s name by his SIM if he is bothering you. If you’re receiving frequent fake calls or someone is trying to harass you, then it becomes necessary to find the person behind this. It is the only way to spot the unknown person and find his address.

In this way, no one can blackmail you, and you will be able to report them in case of any criminal attempt. But never use these methods of finding the SIM owner’s name by mobile number for illegitimate purposes.

Gathering someone’s personal information to bother them or harass them is an offense. It is illegal in the eyes of the law and immoral in the eyes of society. Doing such things or involvement in criminal activities can even lead you to jail.

Final Words

We hope you got the right solution for your query. It was all about “How to check SIM owner name by mobile number.” Just keep in mind that all the basic information of the SIM cards registered on your CNIC is a must to know.

Checking the owner details of your verified SIM card will save you from several frauds and cybercrimes. It will also help you to trace spam calls and messages. But never use these tools or methods for illegal activities. It will cost you a lot in the long run.

If you have any queries regarding this topic or you know any other method to check SIM owner name by mobile number, do share with us in the comment section below!

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