SIM Data Check for Any Network Number

As per PTA policy, A cellular user allows keeping a maximum of 5 SIMs on their name. If they need a new one then they should need to block one SIM from their name and get a new one.

Due to this issue, you surely want to check SIM data information including ownership details.  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority introduces PMD ( SIM Information System ) that helps all network Zong, Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone mobile users to check the details of a phone number.

The SIM check service is free of cost and users only need to put their OWN CNIC number to get their personal details. If you want to know anyone else number details then you need to enter his number to grab the all required details.

How Many SIMs Allow against one CNIC?

Lately, in the year 2000, mobile usage has become a boom in Pakistan. This is because of the drop in mobile prices and easy availability for everyone. At the same time, the dual SIM smartphone has become popular in the Pakistani market.

Now PTA role has become dual because they need to make sure both SIM and phone are registered from their online system. So PTA mobile registration check is introduced for smartphones and PMD launch for SIM verification.

Each Pakistani customers use two SIM on their phones. Similar to the mobile companies also start offering their SIM card free of cost with free calling, SMS, and internet MBs.

When it comes to free, everyone loves to take and many smartphone users start getting free SIMS from all the companies. Now everyone has a number of SIMs in their pockets. Whenever an offer comes from any network, the users use the SIM and take full benefits from it and then turn it off.

A lot of offers start coming from Mobile companies including Jazz, Zong, Mobilink, and Ufone. All this happen but then an illegal usage of phones was born and many users used unregistered SIMs.

As a result, PTA applies a limit on having a number of SIMs against one CNIC. But this is now changing and you are limited to use a maximum of 5 calling SIMs. Remember it’s not included in the data or internet SIM and you have a separate limit for such SIMs. You can still keep three internet SIMs on the same ID card.

How To Check Any Network Number Data

It is very important that you should know how many SIMs are registered in your name. This is because it can be misused and you are in trouble. Make sure to block SIMs that you are not using or you don’t own.

The PTA brings you an online SIM Information system that helps SIM identification. The online software is design to provide you get the number details easily. Basically, there are two methods for SIM Data check about the active SIMs against your CNIC. You can view the SIM data via an online solution or by using the SMS service.

Check Online PTA SIM Information System 668


With the help of the PTA online portal, you can easily trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with Name. To check your sims information online, open a browser and follow the below steps for checking the PAK SIM Data.

  • Go to the official PTA SIM tracker website “
  • Now write your CNIC number Example: 6110123456789.
  • If you have a Foreign ID then make sure to select Foreign ID tabs and enter values in a format like BD989816346
  • After that click on verify checkbox and make sure you are not a robot.
  • Finally hit submit button and you are done. It will show you a complete chart with the number of active SIMs details.

Search PTA SIM Data Check Via SMS

To check sim info through SMS is easy but isn’t free of cost. Read the following steps carefully:

  • Open the text message application box on your phone.
  • Write your CNIC number in the box without having hyphens.
  • Now send the message to 668.
  • Soon you will get a reply from PTA with details of active SIMs that are registered in your name.
  • The cost of sending SMS on 668 will charge you PKR2 + Tax for each time you do enquire.

If you found any SIM that you are not using but it’s still in the active SIM list then you should get in touch with the Customer Service Centre of the respective Company Operator.

Frequently Ask Questions

How many SIMs can be registered on CNIC?

You are allowed to register and use a maximum of 5 SIM card connections simultaneously. This limit applies to a single ID card.

How many SIMs are on my CNIC?

By dialing the USSD code *336# you can get the verification status of your number. Simply dial code and then press 1.

How can I know the mobile number owner?

You can use PTA online tool to get the number owner details.

How can I check my registered SIM?

  1. First Dial *16001# from any mobile operators.
  2. Now write the last 4 digits of your NID/National ID.
  3. In the reply message, you’ll receive the numbers of registered SIMs under the NID.

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